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Bedrooms Apr 6, 2021

Linen Drawer: Tops Tips For Purchasing Your Bed Linen

Shop your bed linen like a seasoned pro with these top tips from the experts at Linen Drawer. We chatted to CEO Jimmy Ferendinos about everything you need to know when it comes to picking the right linen for your master suite. 

CEO Jimmy Ferendinos

 A great night’s sleep starts with a bed you love to be in!

What advice do you have about shopping for the right linen sizes for your bed?

Before buying any new bedding, measure your mattress, duvet and pillows to confirm the actual sizes. Here’s a quick tip on how t0 measure the mattress: Using a tape measure at least 20cm from the corner as most mattresses have rounded corners and ensure that the tape measure is parallel to the side being measured. Measure the width, length and depth of your mattress to ensure the sizes you are buying match to make the correct choice

What fabrics should we consider and what should we avoid? 

Sleeping comfort is so important to us at Linen Drawer we only offer ethically sourced, natural bed linen. However, the fabrics used for bed linen fall into the following categories: synthetic, natural or blends of the two. The natural products, such as 100% cotton and linen, are breathable and guarantee a comfortable sleep. I would avoid synthetic bedding if you value sleeping comfort. Synthetic fabrics are not absorbent leaving you feeling clammy in warm and humid conditions and they also tend to “pill” resulting in a rough fabric surface.

What is thread count?

Thread count – this is the term that refers to the number of ‘threads’ in a square inch of woven fabric – a measure of the density of the fabric.

How do we choose the right fabric and thread count?

Do you prefer crisp bed linen to soft silky bed linen? There is no right or wrong answer – it is all about what you prefer. Ask yourself – do I prefer crisp bed linen or do I like soft and silky?

If the answer is ‘crisp’ then I would recommend a 200 or 300 thread count percale. These fabrics are cool, smooth and comfortable and will give you many years of wonderful wear.

If your answer is ‘soft, silky’ then I would recommend a 400 thread count or a 600- thread count sateen. Linen Drawer has a beautiful range of colours in the 400 thread count Egyptian cotton, including purest white, while the 600-thread count is slightly heavier and the most luxurious fabric.

If you find it difficult to make this decision, our trained agents and staff will help you with any details or dilemmas.

Flat or fitted bed sheets?

Fitted sheets are great because they fit over the mattress snugly and easily due to the elastic edging. They are however difficult to iron. Flat sheets are versatile and multi-purpose. They can be used as a bottom or top sheet. Quick hint – make sure they are the correct size – rather larger than smaller! They require a little more ‘bed-making but are easy to iron.

Do you need a top sheet?

The top sheet protects the duvet cover as it forms a layer between us and the duvet cover and also helps to prevent the ‘duvet thief’ from wrapping themselves in the duvet.

How can we take better care of our linen?

Always follow the care instructions on the care label. Wherever possible, use higher washing temperatures for more effective stain removal. High temperatures will develop the inherent shrinkage in the bed linen. At Linen Drawer we manufacture our products allowing for the natural shrinkage so that your bed linen fits snugly over the mattress, duvet and pillows.

Solid Colour or Patterned Bedding?

It’s a matter of personal choice, however, there is a strong case for timelessly elegant solid colour bed linen. Pattern and colours can be brought in with stylish and on-trend throws, scatters, lamps and other accessories.

Best buys for bedding?

Always natural products! We have a saying at Linen Drawer – “Quality is remembered long after price has been forgotten”… We want our clients to experience the comfort and longevity of our exceptional products. Make your bedroom a haven of luxury and comfort.


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