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Bedrooms Aug 6, 2022

Linen Drawer: The Nature Palette

Colours from the NATURE palette are, to coin a pun, a natural choice when it comes to décor schemes! Linen Drawer is embracing this fantastic palette, with inspiration and tones found in the natural world.

These wonderful colours can affect any mood you want to create. Pair them with black and the result is moody and super chic; whereas paired with white a fresh crisp look is achieved. They bring restfulness to any room as they soothe the eye and spirit.

The various shades work so well together that the temptation is to use them exclusively. However, they look wonderful paired with white, black or other anchoring shades.

By using these colours that appear naturally in our surroundings we immerse ourselves in NATURE and rejoice in being part of the whole. Some of our favourites include dark olive, teal green, cinnamon, maize and taupe rock, to name a few.

We are so lucky to be surrounded by beauty in South Africa. Each area is unique and splendid. No two places can be said to be alike. They offer endlessly varied and interesting vistas that appear as you travel through the country. Small touches of natural colours pay homage to our earth mother.

Everything matches and colours harmonise beautifully. The NATURE colour palette thus offers effortless inspiration.

Look at these wonderful products from Linen Drawer which dovetail with the NATURE colour palette! Each is chosen because they evoke a feeling of supreme comfort and ease.

The range includes pure linen table napkins and cloth, mohair blankets and throws, bed linen, bath robes and so much more.

Embrace the colours of nature and shop your favourites at Linen Drawer.

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