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Bedrooms May 18, 2021

Linen Drawer: Solving Down Product Shopping

Choosing down pillows and duvet inners can be so perplexing!  There are so many products available in stores and online, that it becomes an absolute mission to choose the best product for yourself.


Linen Drawer believes that customers need to know what they are buying and why they are buying the products.  Discernment and knowledge equal super shoppers!

Whether you buy your down pillows and duvet inners from Linen Drawer or another reliable supplier, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Know your size – know your preferred pillow and duvet inner sizes, also the thickness or weight of your pillows and duvet inner. Our staff can help you, if you don’t, but not all suppliers have trained personnel.
  • Smell the product you are looking at – this might sound weird, but down and feathers need to be sterilized before being made into product. Sterilized products do not smell of anything.
  • Feel the product – do you feel feathers, as opposed to down, through the casing? If you feel feather quills, the down might be mixed with chicken or other feathers to ‘bulk’ out the product.  A good quality down product should state what the feather/down percentage is and it should feel like that.
  • Examine the casing – good quality casings that will not ‘leak’ down or feathers are tightly woven and smooth, and look strong.
  • Don’t be a monster – buy ethically sourced down and feather products. Look for the certification on the products.  These can be found on the labels, as certificates on the shop walls, or on the website.  Only products which carry certification are guaranteed ‘cruelty free’.

Armed with these basic guidelines you are now ready to shop!

Should you have any questions regarding down pillows and duvet inners please contact Linen Drawer.


Article by Camilla Swart




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