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Bedrooms Jun 10, 2023

KOBO Africa: A Journey of Friendship, Craftsmanship, and Cultural Celebration

KOBO Africa is a brand born from a lifelong friendship between Natalie and Christina, two best friends with a shared passion for beautifully crafted blankets and throws made in South Africa.

In 2019, these friends embarked on a mission to showcase the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of blankets and throws made in South Africa. Under the name Love Jacaranda, they created an online store that became a platform for these creations. As the business grew, it became evident that a new name was needed to truly represent their values and the essence of their brand. Thus, KOBO Africa was born.

“Kobo” means blanket in Sesotho, which perfectly encapsulates the heart and soul of KOBO Africa and reaffirms its commitment to supporting local industries and celebrating African culture. Their range of blankets and throws is meticulously curated, offering a diverse selection of designs, colours, and yarns to suit every preference and style.

The range includes traditional heritage blankets, such as the iconic Basotho blankets and the Ndebele Umbhalo. These blankets serve as a tribute to the rich cultural tapestry of Africa. Additionally, the MyAfrica range pays homage to the vibrant cultures found throughout the continent, creating a collection that celebrates the diversity and beauty of Africa.

They are an online store based in Johannesburg, which brings the beauty of South African craftsmanship directly to your home. They are also happy to accommodate appointments for those who prefer an in-person shopping experience. Alternatively, you can see them at various Expos and shows around the country.

KOBO Africa is more than just a brand; it is a testament to friendship, craftsmanship, and the vibrant cultures of Africa. Natalie and Christina’s dedication to supporting local industries and preserving traditional artistry shines through in every product they offer. Explore their online store, discover the richness of South African craftsmanship, and let KOBO Africa be your gateway to warmth, style, and the celebration of African heritage.


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