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Bedrooms Sep 23, 2023

Vencasa: How To Protect Your Sleep This Spring.

Spring, as we all know, is a season of transition. The heat begins to rise, the days lengthen, and we are frequently more tired than usual. After the cold winter season, the trees and flowers reappear, the temperatures begin to rise, and it is unquestionably the most beautiful season of the year.



Spring is the perfect time to refresh your bedding and sleeping space for the new season. There are numerous ways to bring that fresh spring feel into your bedroom, whether you prefer a lighter bed linen or a new color scheme.

Let us look at the key ways bedding can transform your bedroom into a spring haven.

1. Get a light Duvet that is perfect for those warm nights



We naturally bring out our heavy duvets during the cold winter months to feel cosy and warm while sleeping. As the nights begin to warm up in the spring, a heavy duvet may be a little too much, so consider replacing it with a lighter option, or even better, a duvet that can be used all year, the Velfont All Seasons Anti-Dustmite Duvet InnerThe Velfont Anti-dust mite duvet inner is made with an embossed silk-touch microfiber outer fabric. Furthermore, this fiber combines excellent thermal properties with a high level of comfort, making this duvet an ideal product for a restful night’s sleep. The DUO design consists of two duvets that can be used separately or together throughout the year. The two pieces snap together with press studs to form one inner duvet.


    2. Change Your Pillow Protectors and Pillowcases for a New Spring Look

    Allergies tend to multiply with the temperature changes of spring and the pollen on plants. As true as it is, there is no cure that can eliminate these allergies, but there are ways to mitigate their effects. Pillow protectors are one of the best ways to mitigate the allergies that come with Spring, and when looking for pillow protectors, it is best to consider one that is waterproof, breathable, and made of organic cotton. The Velfont Natursan Organic pillowcase and the 2-in-1 Velfont Respira Pillow Protector and Pillowcaseare the perfect solution when it comes to organically protecting your pillows.vencasa-respira-nacional

    The 2-in-1 Velfont Respira Pillow Protector and Pillowcase are made of organic cotton knit fabric, with effective protection against liquids that allow air to pass through, preventing sweat. Thanks to its composition and minimal thickness, your sleep will not be disturbed.



    The Velfont Natursan Organic Pillowcase is made with extra-soft 100% organic cotton fabric that is very pleasant to the touch and provides great absorption and breathability, the benefits of cotton.


    3. Find Yourself the Best Mattress Protector

    Mattress protectors play a crucial role by safeguarding your mattress against allergens, spills, and water, ensuring that your mattress stays comfortable and durable.

    It is always advisable that a good quality breathable, the 2-in-1 Velfont Respira Mattress Protector and Cover is made of organic cotton knit fabric, with effective protection against liquids that allow air to pass through, preventing sweat. Thanks to its composition and minimal thickness, your sleep will not be disturbed.


    The Velfont Thermo-regulatory technology is a good choice as it interacts with your body, cushioning temperature changes during the night and maintaining a constant temperature while you sleep. Always the right temperature adapted to the needs of your rest.


    Cotton made from 100% pure cotton acts as a thermal insulator, which reduces the sensation of heat. The Velfont Natursan Max Cotton Quilted Mattress Protector increases comfort by relieving pressure on the points of contact with our body and achieves better rest.

    Sleeping with breathable and lightweight bedding during spring not only enhances your comfort and sleep quality but also helps you adapt to changing weather conditions and maintain a healthy sleeping environment. Choose the right bedding with Vencasa this spring for a better overall sleep experience.

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