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Bedrooms Dec 1, 2023

Give The Gift Of Sleep This Festive with Vencasa.


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While some people are able to sleep anywhere, for some, there is some preparation that goes into getting the best possible sleep when traveling. There are several things that you can do to prepare yourself for sleep before you even set off on your journey this Xmas, and that starts with finding the best quality travel accessories.

Apart from choosing the perfect travel accessories, dressing appropriately can also be very important in enjoying your trip. Try to dress comfortably, wearing loose clothing and layers that can be added to or removed according to the temperature.

Always remember that staying hydrated is important when traveling. Also, avoiding spicy and fatty foods can also help to improve your sleep quality, as can keeping to your existing eating schedule to prevent your body’s internal rhythm from getting confused.


When you are home, there are environmental factors that affect your sleep; comfort, noise, and light. If you want to sleep better on your travels, your control over these factors can be improved with the right tools.

Comfort: While car seats and plane seats are very uncomfortable, there are ways one can make them slightly comfortable. Many people swear by a travel pillow and the TEMPUR® Travel Pillow is equipped with material that is a high-density viscoelastic foam that perfectly adapts to your body shape, weight, and temperature for night-long comfort and support.


If your back needs a little extra support, the Tempur transit lumbar support is perfect as it is shaped from a supportive pressure-relieving TEMPUR® material, and you can easily position the travel-back support between your back and your seat in your preferred sitting position, making your journey as smooth as it can be.

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  • Light: If you want to get the best rest, and you are sensitive to light when traveling, the TEMPUR® Sleep Maskis the solution. Two things make the perfect sleep mask: total darkness and a comfortable fit, and the TEMPUR®material in our sleep mask takes care of both. Because it is a padded sleep mask it shapes perfectly to your face. The TEMPUR® adjustable sleep mask delivers the benefits of complete darkness so you can drift away and snatch a snooze with ease on your travels.

  • Noise: When it’s time for you to sleep, your bedroom is normally quiet and when traveling, there are a lot of things that disturb your rest. When flying, it could be the cabin crew moving up and down serving drinks and food. And when driving, it could be the other cars that are around the car you’re traveling in. Investing in earplugs or good earphones can help with blocking out the noise.

While controlling these factors can improve your quality of sleep when traveling, a good quality pillow that you can use once you have arrived at your destination is essential. Add a touch of TEMPUR® to your travels with the ONE by TEMPUR™ Support Orthopedic Sleeping Pillow. The innovative shape and contoured edges together with the ONE by Tempur™ support orthopedic sleeping pillow have super soft material inside to provide the perfect balance of comfort & support to your head, neck, and shoulders, no matter which way you like to sleep.


The ONE by TEMPUR™ Support Orthopedic Sleeping Pillow is not just a sleeping pillow, you can try it as a back support cushion/pillow, a seat wedge, and a laptop pedestal, the perfect travel buddy for everyone!


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Give the gift of sleep this Xmas with Vencasa 


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