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Bedrooms Oct 17, 2020

Falucca Fine Linen: The Interior Design Secret Everyone Should Know

When it comes to finishing off a room’s look, there is an interior design secret everyone should know… and it’s all in the dark detailing. Here’s why…

It’s a principal long followed by interior designers and one that really works to add the “full stop” to a decor story: include a touch of dark detail, even in a space dominated by light and bright tones. A little detail in a dark hue be it black, navy or charcoal, offers a focal point and adds balance. Not to mention that dark tones are universally considered both luxurious and sophisticated.

Since the bedroom’s purpose is to put you back in touch with your sensuous side, this principal works particularly well here. With Falucca Fine Linen you’ll find stylish options to bring this decor principal to your bedding – beautifully.

Falucca Linen’s Signature Collection is made from the finest fabric: a top quality, 800-thread count Egyptian Cotton woven using a sateen weave.

Here are 4 of our favourite combinations from Falucca Fine Linen:

1. Double Oxford in Charcoal on White

Double Oxford in Charcoal on White

2. Double Satin Stitch in Charcoal on Oyster

Double Satin Stitch in Charcoal on Oyster

3. Narrow border in Charcoal on Oyster

Narrow border in Charcoal on Oyster

4. Single Satin Stitch in Charcoal on White

Falucca Fine Linen’s bedding is made in their Cape Town studio. Get in touch to discuss how they can assist you to achieve your dream bed look.

For more visit their website at Falucca Fine Linen.

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