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Falucca Fine Linen: How To Check That Your Fitted Sheets Actually Fit

The only thing more difficult than folding a fitted sheet is getting the size right! Avoid any mishaps by following these essential fitted sheet sizing rules from the experts at Falucca Fine Linen.

1. Measure up your mattress

When shopping for fitted sheets, arm yourself with a few key measurements. You will need the width, length and depth of your mattress. Now add 10cm onto the depth measurement and you have the size you will be looking for. While standard sizing might not be your exact measurements, the variation should not be more than 5cm in any direction.

2. Choose fully elasticised sheets

Look for fitted sheets that have a fully elasticised skirt. Elasticised corners only are a manufacturing short cut and should be avoided!

Falucca Fine Linen boasts a Cape Town-based studio that is able to make up custom-size bed linen for you to ensure you get the whole experience that is beautiful sleep.

Contact them at info@faluccalinen.co.za or 082 548 4703 to find out how they can help you.

Visit www.faluccalinen.co.za.

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