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Chrysalis Prioritizes Local Design, Manufacturing and Sustainability

The team from Chrysalis firmly believe in the importance of community empowerment with a deep commitment to local manufacturing. As such, they strive to support the local community and foster a sense of craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations. With a keen sense of “African Design” Chrysalis are experts in styling classic and modern looks for Lodges and Guest houses.

When you choose Chrysalis linen products, you not only experience exceptional quality but also contribute to the preservation of local traditions and the growth of the South African economy.

By exclusively utilizing local manufacturing, the team ensures that each piece in every collection is made with passion, expertise, and a dedication to delivering only the highest quality and durability.


Above: The brilliant Sammy working her Chrysalis magic with a dazzling bespoke Leopard embroidery design in progress.

Chrysalis also values the power of sustainability.

Due to the usage of high-quality fabric, their linen is considered to be a wise investment. “We pride ourselves on the impeccable longevity of each product, from our bespoke sheets to our cozy duvet inners. With a life long guarantee on our linen products, we ensure no wastage and use only fabrics that carry inernationally certified ISO certification.”

Chrysalis is therefore able to reduce the need for frequent replacements and minimizing textile waste. This approach to local manufacturing also reduces the carbon footprint implications associated with transportation and logistics. All Chrysalis products are thoughtfully designed to stand the test of time, eventually becoming a cherished part of your home for decades.


Above: Perfect for stylish African lodges and camps.


Above: A glimpse at the skilled dream team of seamstresses in outfits they made to celebrate African design and culture.

Show your appreciation and support for the talent of local artisans by becoming an advocate for locally-made goods. Together, we can foster sustainable growth and create a brighter future for our local economy.

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