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Mar 31, 2020

La Grange Interiors: Lounge It Out On A Daybed

Daybeds are all about pleasurable living. Imagine curling up on a comfy sofa in a sun-filled spot in your living area for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. La Grange Interiors brings us a range of stylish options with custom-made furniture pieces to bring added comfort to our homes.

Daybeds often come in an array of finishes and styles, however, when selecting a daybed, we encourage you to try it out before you buy it. This way, you can ensure a comfy seat that you can enjoy at any time. More than a sofa, a daybed is also a perfect spot to catch a snooze, stretch out your legs and completely unwind. Comfort is therefore key when choosing your perfect daybed.

What else should you consider before buying a daybed?

  • Placement. Daybeds are great additions to a spare bedroom or lounge area and the perfect multi-functional piece to act as a sofa and double as a bed when guests arrive. Consider the placement of your daybed and if you’re looking for both extra seating and sleeping space, then this is a great option for a guest bedroom or office.
  • Style and finish. Upholstered daybeds tend to look more like couches and can work as comfy seating in a living area or bedroom. However, various finishes are available and some of the more common options include metal, wood and fabric daybeds. Your choice should be determined by your needs.
  • Custom-made furniture is always a great option. If you’re looking for that special piece to add style and function to your space, a custom-made furniture item is often the best choice as it will fit into your exact specifications and add a high-quality touch to your home.


Shop the range of custom-made furniture from La Grange Interiors and rest assured that quality and comfort are two of the prime factors you’ll bring home this season.

Browse the La Grange Interiors collection of meticulously crafted sofas and daybeds ranging in various luxurious fabrics. If you don’t see something that you like, speak to the team about having one custom made for you. Available through the Cape Town and Johannesburg showrooms.

Discover more at La Grange Interiors.

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