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Apr 1, 2020

Hastens: The Benefits of Perfect Sleep

The benefits of a good night’s sleep include the ability to build and protect your immune system. Here we share some tips from Hastens to help you achieve better sleep.

Facts about the immune system and sleep

The immune system’s response time is improved by a good night’s sleep. By completing the four sleep cycles, you’re supporting the release and production of cytokine, a multi-faceted protein that helps the immune system quickly respond to antigens.

Give your immune system a boost with a Hästens Bed

A good night’s sleep is important to improve your immune system and to help defend against viruses and diseases. A Hästens bed is defined by its comfort and support, breath-ability and the ability to regulate your bodies’ temperature while you sleep.
Each natural material used has its own unique benefits and together, they give you the perfect natural sleep.

For more visit Hastens.

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