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Nov 22, 2019

Go Classic With Vintage Bedroom Furniture From Topolansky

If you love a traditional look, then vintage furniture will certainly help to create a classic bedroom. With the perfect finds from Topolansky Fine Furniture you can embrace a retro vibe and create a bold, beautiful and classic space.

Here we share some top tips for decorating your bedroom in a vintage style…

Start with the bed:

The perfect vintage bedroom boasts a classic bed to suit the theme. Charming, old-world and traditional furniture items work best in this design scheme. So, choose a bed with traditional elements and finishes to complement the look. A four-poster wooden bed is a showstopper in a vintage bedroom. Solid wood will certainly add to the rich flair of this space. Most importantly, choose a bed that seems to have a story to tell. Each vintage piece often carries with it a legacy that brings depth and sophisticated style to your home.


When choosing vintage storage for a classic bedroom, be sure to move away from modern interpretations and styles. A solid wood dresser or chest of drawers may be the perfect addition and the ideal space to house your belongings in a traditional bedroom environment. We love the combination of traditional wood with hints of metallic finishes – think golden hardware to complete the look.

Get creative and innovate

Vintage pieces are often unique and special. This allows you the creative freedom to bring in unique and interesting pieces in the bedroom to complement your desired scheme. A vintage chest can double as a stylish item and added storage at the end of your bed. A simple stool or vintage table could function as an interesting bedside table. Get creative and allow older pieces to take centre stage in the bedroom.

Think out of the box

You don’t have to follow the rules when it comes to vintage bedrooms. You could mix old and new furniture to achieve an eclectic look. You could also choose to paint older furniture and re-purpose unused items to give it new life in your bedroom. The choice is yours.

Find the perfect items to add old-world charm to your home, with a wide selection of classic furniture items now available from Topolansky.

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