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Bedrooms Nov 13, 2021

The Serta Perfect Sleeper

How many times have you heard someone say, “it’s what’s inside that counts”? Well, that phrase could not be more apt than when talking about beds. The very foundation of your bed is the mattress, and it’s what’s beneath the surface that counts.

Your Mattress can be Hard or Soft but always Supportive

Serta have been perfecting sleep for decades. With continuous research and development in the field, they have developed a mattress for almost everyone. The feel of a mattress is entirely subjective, akin to the bears’ beds in the fable of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. What’s hard for one, may not be hard enough for another.

Durban Chiropractor, Dr Sarah button shares her wisdom when it comes to choosing a bed for the uninitiated. “Personal preference is obviously the key feature, I advise patients to look for a mattress that is firm, and initially a little ‘too’ firm as your body will adjust over the first few months. I also advise a sprung and flip-free mattress with a comfort or pillow top.”

The same applies when it comes to the cost of a mattress. Some might feel a mattress warrants a hefty financial investment while others might deem that a wasteful expense. Aside from differing opinions on the subject, there is one thing that remains steadfast and that is Serta®’s commitment to delivering top-quality beds across the globe. This is one of the reasons that Dream Republic® have partnered with Serta® to stock their full range and offer value and comfort at every price point.

What’s beneath the surface

You can’t buy a bed with your eyes. It’s what is below the surface that truly matters, so what’s beneath the surface? The Serta Perfect Sleeper range offers you the ultimate choice with uncompromising comfort. The Perfect Sleeper range is made up of 3 variants. This includes the Rochester Euro Top Flip-free, Balmoral Pillow Top flip-free and Bedford Flip-free. Although all 3 variants in the range differ in name, they all deliver the comfort and quality that is synonymous with Serta®. Each mattress is flip-free. Each is manufactured with the unique steel coil innerspring support system, foam encasement technology and a foam rail which reduces edge roll-off and increases bed surface area.

Pick your Preference to choose your Comfort

Comfort and support are the cornerstone of Serta® beds. The Perfect Sleeper Range is thus suitable for the whole family. All that differs is the individual’s support preferences. Dream Republic® applies a 1-10 comfort rating with 1 being firm and 10 being plush. The Perfect Sleeper range allows you to customise your comfort according to your preference. Starting with the Rochester Euro, this mattress is 7 on the rating scale with a medium to plush feel.

The Balmoral rating is 8 (plush) and the Bedford is medium to firm with a rating of 4. While the firmness of your mattress is entirely up to you, all mattresses in the Perfect Sleeper range are encased in the ground-breaking BioCare® ticking. Innovated by Boyteks Engineering and introduced into the Serta® range, this unique technology is literally designed to make you sleep better.

Designed to virtually eliminate all EMF Exposure

Electro Magnetic Frequencies are known sleep disruptors and are emitted by devices like cellphones, televisions and WIFI routers. While we cannot live without these devices, we can choose to mitigate the negative effects that they have on our sleep, and ultimately our health. Due to biological and developmental changes, teens potentially face a challenging time when it comes to their sleep. Combine that with the stress of academic and excessive blue light exposure, and you have the perfect recipe for poor sleep.

Most kids have also spent the last 18 months or so schooling at home. Many have subsequently adapted their beds into work surfaces. Durban Chiropractor, Dr Sarah Button is all too familiar with the importance of a bed when it comes to feeling your best. “A bed is the most important investment in your home, it is where you spend the most hours in your day and it can vastly improve your quality of sleep as well as your physical well-being.”

Design sleep environments for the better

While we cannot overcome to trappings of modern life and do away with our electrical devices altogether, we can choose to design our sleep environment for the better. And this is where the Serta® Perfect Sleeper range really steps up. Every mattress in the Perfect Sleeper range has BioCare® ticking. This is a mattress covering designed to create a magnetic barrier between the sleeper and EMF’s. BioCare® ticking will prevent electro-magnetic waves from making contact with the sleeper’s body by up to 98.5%. Less exposure to EMF’s means better sleep. And better sleep means better health. What’s more is that BioCare® ticking is a standard feature of your Perfect Sleeper at no extra cost to you.

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