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Bedrooms Sep 23, 2021

The Serta® Perfect Sleeper Adjustable Foundation: Create Customisable Sleep

The idea of creating a bespoke sleep experience was once a pipe dream, but Serta® is spearheading the sleep revolution. As the makers of the world’s best mattress, Serta® knows that no two sleepers are alike, so they have developed the best in unparalleled sleep technology, the patented Serta® Perfect Sleeper Adjustable Foundation – created for truly customizable sleep.

Most of us think that our mattress is what counts most – and while this is certainly true, the foundation on which we lay our mattress is just as important. The Perfect Sleeper is not like any other foundation on the market because it presents you, the sleeper, with a range of settings for your sleep. Beginning with its adjustable foundation, you can position the head or foot of the bed to enjoy breakfast in bed, watch television or work from your laptop; or to elevate the lower limbs to destress and decompress from the demands of the day. Have the power of preference in the palm of your hand with the Perfect Sleeper’s wireless remote control, used to perfectly position your bed at any time or to select 2 programmable pre-sets with a quick click.

A Bed beyond the Norm

Experience another layer of comfort with the Perfect Sleeper’s whisper-quiet variable massage settings and a one-touch back-to-flat bed setting; both of which are additional features accessed from your wireless remote control. An incompatible sleeping partner can be one of the most difficult things to overcome; snoring and other disturbances can disrupt a restful night’s sleep and a solution can seem out of reach. As innovators of sleep, Serta® has developed anti-snore modification for the Perfect Sleeper; this is a pre-programmed position which is optimally designed to raise the head of the Perfect Sleeper’s foundation to aid in minimising snoring. Everyday comfort also means climbing in an out of bed with ease; something Serta® has perfected with the Perfect Sleeper’s 3-in-1 adjustable legs. Powering your devices from bed has become possible because the Perfect Sleeper has in-built device charging ports, for your mobile phone, tablet and other devices.

The Full Spectrum of Sleep

The benefits of sleeping on a Perfect Sleeper go beyond the expected to offer a range of angles and positions to ultimately help ease physical pain in back, neck and shoulders, improve circulation and reduce acid reflux. On the spectrum of sleep, night-time lighting is often overlooked, however the Serta® Perfect Sleeper Adjustable Foundation is helping sleepers navigate in the dark with its unobtrusive LED under-bed lighting.

The symphony of sleep is made of up several important components including the foundation and mattress. The Perfect Sleeper provides unparalleled comfort enhanced by the Serta® Perfect Sleeper Hybrid Collection mattress. Combining Serta®’s Pure Foam and gel-infused memory foam technology, the mattress also has an advanced coil system for optimum support. Electro-magnetic frequencies emitted by Wi-Fi are known to be sleep disruptors and being at the forefront of sleep technology, Serta® has developed a unique solution to this. Serta®, in conjunction with Boyteks Engineers have developed their speciality Biocare™ fabrics; a fabric designed to prevent the contact of electromagnetic waves with body by 98.5% during sleep.

You can also believe in the best by knowing that you are backed by Serta®’s 20-year warranty; just another way that Serta® upholds the value of sleep. It’s no secret that good sleep is the elixir of life – investing in your health means investing in yourself. You can now kiss poor sleep goodnight with the Serta® Perfect Sleeper.


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