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Bedrooms May 21, 2024

The Mattress That Favours Stretching of The Spine with Vencasa

Our bodies accumulate anxiety, stress, and fatigue during the day, which can be eliminated at night thanks to a unique system that helps stretch the back and muscles while sleeping. This system’s movement is imperceptible but critical.

Stretching your back properly, regardless of where you lie on the bed, helps keep your body from becoming weighed down during sleep. This effectively reduces the discomfort that many of us experience when we wake up after sleeping for many hours and are unaware that we do not have the best posture. Be inspired with Vencasa.

The innovation brought by MagniStretch

The MagniStretch Sport mattress’s technology was developed specifically for this purpose, to give life to an innovative and cutting-edge bed system based on a project born from a fruitful collaboration between Magniflex and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zaragoza.

MagniStretch Sport is the preferred mattress of athletes and champions, as well as anyone concerned about their health and well-being. The mattress’s unique technology allows your back to stretch while you sleep as if you were doing a stretching exercise that relieves fatigue and relaxes your muscles.

How does it work?

Magniflex has developed a technology that takes advantage of the body’s natural pressure by allowing the spine to stretch in two directions, from the lower back to the neck or from the lumbar area to the feet, by utilizing the inclined sections of the two types of boards that comprise the mattress.

The weight is distributed evenly by increasing the space between the vertebrae, according to a system that loosens muscle contractions and improves blood circulation.

MagniStretch Sport is composed of two layers: one in Elioform and one in Eliosoft (which is softer), both of which are formed by elastic and resistant fibers that add comfort to the spine.

The MagniStretch Sport mattress provides optimal anatomical spine support while also contributing to the benefits of stretching while we sleep.

Your neck and muscles will feel the same benefits as they would after a stretching session at the gym, but while you are lying comfortably in your own bed.


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