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Bedrooms Nov 2, 2023

Tempur Material Is Like Nothing Else On Earth.

The name Tempur reflects our material’s temperature-sensitive nature. It’s both viscous and elastic. A unique combination achieved by billions of ultra-sensitive cells that adapt to your body’s unique shape, weight, and warmth.

With Tempur Material, you experience a sensation completely unique to you. It precisely aligns and conforms to every inch of you, relieving pressure from sensitive areas, including your shoulders, back, hips, and joints for pure comfort and support throughout the night. It even absorbs motion from you or your partner, so you’re less likely to disturb one another.

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The magic

The temperature sensitivity of the material itself drives TEMPUR® Material’s unique properties. It exists exactly between a solid and liquid state at room temperature. Under the influence of body warmth, the material ‘phase’ moves more towards its liquid state. This happens exactly at body temperature and the specific ‘speed’ with which this change happens gives the material its unique signature. The feeling of the ‘sink in’ and ‘melting’ to your body’s shape perfectly, aligns with every inch of you. That is our secret, which is also hidden in our name: TEMPUR® – a combination of ‘TEM’ (temperature) and ‘PUR’ (polyurethane)


Why sleep on TEMPUR®?

TEMPUR® Material responds to your body shape, weight, and warmth. It conforms and adapts, relieving pressure and absorbing motion. These unique and proven qualities provide the unrivaled comfort and support that help you to a truly restful night’s sleep.


It precisely aligns to every inch of you and continuously conforms and adapts to your body throughout the night – meaning you’re more comfortable and better supported


It provides proven pressure relief by softening sensitive areas such as shoulders, hips, and joints, helping make waking up with aches and pains a thing of the past


It absorbs the energy of your partner’s movements instead of transferring it to you, so you’re less likely to be disturbed


Unassailable lead

Generic memory foam tries to imitate the material’s properties through the open cell structure. But they miss the crucial element of having the exact right temperature sensitivity. They do not come close to TEMPUR. Our 30 years of experience with the material has given us an unassailable lead. A lead that we, with our next generation of TEMPUR Materials, will extend far into the future, ensuring that TEMPUR® remains the best material for sleeping on

How Tempur Material works is complex, but what it does is simple, helping you get that true restful sleep.

Contact: Vencasa World Leaders in Sleep

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