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Bedrooms Jun 21, 2023



Every year for more than 20 years, TEMPUR® has made significant investments in the research and development of its mattresses. Our goal is to provide an excellent night’s sleep to all our customers.

Introducing the all-new ONE by TEMPUR® mattress range which features a COOL TOUCH cover, especially if you suffer from sweaty nights. Stay comfortable every night with the Cool Touch technology featured on the ONE by Tempur® mattress range which is the latest and improved textile fabric technology that is approximately 50% cooler compared to our current CoolTouch™. This technology keeps your mattress cover feeling cool to the touch and helps absorb excess heat.

The ONE by Tempur mattress range is available in 3 feels: soft, medium, and firm, you will find your perfect match for a restful sleep.

More than basic memory foam, the touch of TEMPUR® material gives you superior comfort and fully responsive body support. It is that perfect balance that makes all the difference. What we do is pure science. What you get is pure magic!

The ONE by Tempur mattress range comes in a hybrid option and every Hybrid mattress features a unique pairing of springs and adaptive TEMPUR® material giving you the instant response of springs combined with the complete support of TEMPUR® material.


Plus, like all TEMPUR® mattresses, the ONE is easy to maintain. Engineered to be ‘no turn’ every ONE mattress has easy sip-off removable covers, which are machine washable up to 40°C.

The perfect balance between support and comfort for a truly restful sleep.



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