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Bedrooms Jun 11, 2023

Slumberland, the revolutionaries of sleep solutions.

We are the bed crafters, and you are the architects designing your dreams.

Our luxurious, comfortable and highly durable bed ranges offer you a personalised sleep experience that are unique to you in the same way as no two tiger’s stripes are the same. What we mean is –  no two consumers are the same, so we push the boundaries of sleep technology, to allow each person to rest outside the box and hustle harder.

Slumberland is a range for the rebels, the dream chasers and the unique who choose to lie down to stand out. From the moment you lie down, you’ll discover a personalized sleep sanctuary that understands and caters to your specific preferences.

Unleashing Personalisation:

We showcase a wide range of customisable options from mattress firmness levels, adjustable bed frames and a unique quiz to find out what bed is right for you to unleash your daily potential and join the sleep revolution.

Innovative Technology:

Innovation is the beating heart of Slumberland. We embrace the purrfect technology that takes your sleep experience to the next level. With our ‘no-partner-disturb’ adaptive spring system, eco- and health-friendly fillings, and super-restful fine fabrics.

Sleep Solutions:

When you choose Slumberland, you sleep to be heard. And by that choice you are investing in a mattress or a sleep accessory because you’re choosing to rest with a cause by redefining your sleep experience. We know that sleep is the ultimate rest against the machine of life, so experience the transformative power of a tailored sleep solution that is designed specifically for you.

Experience the Slumberland world and awaken the true power of your rest. We dare you to rebel against early mornings, and unlock the potential of a truly restful sleep experience you will not forget.

Contact: Sumberland

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