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Bedrooms Jun 9, 2024

Sealy Winter Season


Cold weather usually brings with it colds and flu, especially at this time of year when the seasons are changing. If you happen to catch a cold or flu, the best you can do is treat the symptoms and get good rest. This is easier said than done – it can be challenging to sleep with a blocked nose.

Cold and flu symptoms seem to get worse at night, and it feels like there’s more congestion when you’re lying down. Taking cold and flu medicine can help, although be careful to check the ingredients first. Some over the counter medicines contain a decongestant called pseudoephedrine, which makes many people stay awake. Be inspired with Sealy South Africa.


  • Use gadgets like an air purifier and/or a humidifier
    Extra humidity or steam in the air will help calm your sinuses, ease congestion and relieve coughing. An air purifier will remover irritants that might worsen your symptoms.
  • Take a hot shower or bath
    If you’re feeling chilly, a hot shower or bath will help warm you up and relax your body before bed. The steam will also help clear congestion.
  • Have a hot drink before bedtime
    The steam from hot drinks will help your dried-out nasal passages and it will also help loosen phlegm, however, make sure your drink is not caffeinated. Honey is a natural antibiotic and it is good for sore throats. Lemon contains vitamin C. You can also brew ginger tea, which also increases your vitamin C intake and encourages overall feelings of wellbeing.
  • Elevate your upper body
    Use extra pillows to make sure you’re not lying flat when you sleep. Sleeping flat on your back can make congestion worse, so try to elevate your head. The Sealy My CoolSmart Gel Pillow is a two in one pillow – one side has a gel layer which reduces heat build-up for a cooler sleep, while the other side is memory foam for a more gentle comfort.
  • Keep your feet warm
    Warm up your feet with hot water before putting socks on or use a hot water bottle in bed. Warm, comfy feet will help you fall asleep faster.
  • Have everything you need close by
    Be prepared for a rough night and stock your nightstand with everything you’ll need to get through the night. Have a big glass of water handy to ease your throat if you’re coughing. You might also need lots of tissues. Finally, also have a book or magazine handy in case you can’t fall asleep. Don’t be tempted to scroll on your phone – the blue light emitted from your device will make it even harder to fall asleep.
  • Create the optimal sleep environment
    Try to make sure your room is at a comfortable temperature, and probably more towards the cooler side. If you have a fever, a cooler room will feel more comfortable. Try to make your room as dark and as quiet as possible.

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