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Bedrooms Aug 26, 2023

Sealy Sleeping Partner

Ever felt like your partner was getting more sleep than you? 

Well, if you are a woman, it is very possible that your male partner is getting in a lot more snoozes – and not because he goes to bed earlier.

According to the team at Sealy, research has shown that women are 20% more likely to have a sleeping disorder, require more sleep than their male counterparts to stay healthy and are 45% more likely to develop a chronic disease if sleep-deprived.

Why this unholy night-time inequality? 

Well, as early as girlhood, women take longer to switch off at night and fall asleep because they are wired for multitasking. That means, while boys are drifting off to dreamland, girls are making lists, rehashing conversations, planning and mentally prepping.

Then comes the hormones, disturbing sleeping noises from partners, pregnancy, menopause …you get the idea.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to combat sleepless nights and ensure that you get quality sleep.

Firstly, a quality mattress from the Sealy Pocket Coil range will ensure that your partner’s movements won’t bother you during the night.

It will also give your body all the necessary support it needs during the night (especially if you are pregnant) thanks to the Sealy Posturepedic sleep system.

“Inferior support leads to spine misalignment, back pain and discomfort. Understanding this, Sealy has developed a sleep system that allows your spine to maintain its natural posture while you sleep, reducing muscular tension and strain,” explains Sealy.

“Inside each Sealy is a network of coils that sense and respond to your body movements while you sleep. This ensures the optimal level of comfort and support while keeping your body in its natural alignment for better rest throughout the night.”

In addition, light, breathable bedding that regulates your body’s temperature and pillows that provide the correct support can help with a better night’s sleep.

If this doesn’t do the trick, well, it might be time to invest in some earplugs.


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