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Bedrooms Nov 12, 2022

Sealy: 6 Things You Need To Ensure A Good Night’s Rest

Nighttime need not be a battle. Sometimes when you’re overwhelmed and overtired, it can be hard to switch off and get a good night’s sleep. We want to set you up for success with some essential elements to help you sleep better! Check it out below…

1. Make your bedroom a quiet zone

Create the perfect ambience for sleep and relaxation by making your bedroom a quiet, tranquil and inviting space. This means no television, no emails, no Youtube or TikTok after dark, and certainly no screen time! Reducing external stimuli in the bedroom can help promote sleep and will also trigger your brain to switch off!

2. Lighting matters

Natural light is wonderful, unless it is hampering your sleep! For instance, you may be looking forward to a late Saturday lie in, but that summer sunshine is staring you in the face! Install heavy curtains or blinds that completely block out all light to help you drift off and keep you asleep in the early summer mornings! If it’s impossible to block out outside light from infiltrating your bedroom, try sleeping with an eye mask too. This can help trigger your brain that it’s time for rest! Lights from a digital clock can also disrupt sleep so turn these away from your face.

3. Invest in a good mattress

Your bed is very important and can impact your sleep and general wellbeing. A good mattress offers you the right support and will be a worthy investment in your health and sleep. Orthopedically designed beds can really make all the difference. For example, Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are brilliantly engineered to support your body and align your spine as you sleep peacefully. The result is a healthy, restful sleep, night after night. It’s just what you need to perform at your best day after day.

4. Use seasonal linens

If you get too hot on some nights and too cold on others, then it’s time to rethink your bedding. Seasonal duvets and linens can make all the difference in regulating your body temperature. This can also help you achieve better rest as a result!

5. Choose a peaceful colour scheme

The colour palette of your room can impact your quality of rest. Peaceful colourways can help set the mood for rest and relaxation. Light, airy tones are wonderful to promote a tranquil setting in your bedroom.

6. Clean up the clutter

Clutter has a way of making us feel a little out of our depths. It’s like your body’s response to external forces that try to convince us that there is just too much going on! Avoid the confusion altogether and eliminate clutter in your bedroom. It will instantly feel a lot calmer and more inviting and hopefully, promote better rest at night.

If you’re looking to change things up in your bedroom, visit Sealy and invest in a quality mattress that can make all the difference.


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