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Bedrooms Oct 30, 2021

Natural Ways To Get Better Sleep With Sealy

A great day begins with a great night’s sleep. In fact, numerous studies have shown that inadequate sleep over time can shorten your lifespan. If your stressful lifestyle is interfering with your sleep, read this blog to discover three natural ways to get better sleep – with useful input from the professionals at Sealy.

While we can’t control many aspects of life, if we’re aware of the things we can control we can make the necessary changes to improve health.

Sealy’s top for tips for better sleep, naturally:

Get early morning sun

Exposure to sun early in your day can help you sleep better. This is especially true if it’s within the first hour of waking up. It warms up your body and jumpstarts your daytime hormones. Sunlight also encourages the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Furthermore, this increases the level of serotonin, which is important to sleep.

Vitamin D from the sun helps your body fight fatigue and boosts mental health.

Soaking up some sun at the same time every day will also regulate your circadian rhythms, your body clock, so your body is able to naturally fall asleep and wake up as the sun rises and sets.

Morning sunshine up until around 10am is ideal. Any time after that the sunlight is stronger. If you plan on being in the sun for more than 30 minutes, remember to wear sunscreen.

Take 2 short breathing breaks each day

Concentrating on your breathing can ease anxiety. It can also help you sleep better. Set your alarm during the morning and afternoon to remind you to take a conscious breathing break. Do this, even if it’s just for five minutes at a time.

There are various breathing exercises to try during these breaks. Click on this article for a step-by-step guide on five different breathing techniques: Breathing techniques for better sleep.

Avoid screens for the first and last hour of your day

Let’s face it – most of us are attached to our phones for most of the day. However, if you are looking for natural ways to deepen your sleep, consider avoiding screens at the beginning and the end of your day.

Looking at your phone first thing in the morning can rob you of those first few moments of peace in your day. Rather than easing into the day, you’re thinking about the news, your to-do list and whether last night’s post got any likes. Stress can cause sleep deprivation.

Although it’s tempting to watch TV, work on your computer or scroll endlessly on your phone before bed, studies have shown these devices suppress melatonin, your sleep hormone. This decreases your feelings of sleepiness. Rather establish a relaxing bedtime routine to help your body wind down before bed.

Get better sleep: Choose a mattress that supports your natural sleeping position

Through constant research and development, as well as collaboration and studies with orthopaedic surgeons all over the world, the Sealy team has established the best ‘criteria’ for optimal sleep. Building upon the recommendations of these world class orthopaedic surgeons, Sealy constructed a mattress with an interconnected spring system topped with foam and comfort layers that could support the ideal sleeping posture – meaning the body is in its natural position to fully relieve muscular tension. This is what’s known today as Sealy’s exclusive Posturepedic Technology™, which targets the heaviest part of your body, with reinforced support where you need it most. Only Posturepedic Technology’s zoned mattresses gives you deep, targeted support for exceptional all-over comfort.

Sealy Posturepedic Technology™ supports natural sleep by providing:

  • Pressure relieving comfort for undisturbed sleep: from ultra-plush to cushion firm, built with premium materials.
  • The support you need: deep-down orthopedically correct support with a superior edge support system.
  • A system where everything works together to give you the same great comfort and support for a long time: extra durability that repays your investment day after day.
  • They have developed a range of mattresses, all designed to meet different sleep requirements. To help make your decision easier, Sealy also has a Mattress Selector to help you discover what’s most important to you when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, and provide a recommendation for a mattress based on your unique sleep profile.
  • Click here to find the perfect Sealy for you.


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