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Bedrooms May 10, 2024

Give Mom the Gift of Rest this Mother’s Day with Sloom

Mother’s Day is approaching, and amidst the traditional bouquet and sentimental cards lies a desire that often goes unspoken: the longing for rest. For every mother who rises with the dawn to orchestrate the day’s events for her family, the gift of tranquillity is truly priceless. This Mother’s Day, let’s rewrite the script and offer mom not just tokens of affection, but moments of blissful repose. From luxurious sleep solutions to personalised gestures, here are five unconventional gifts to ensure that this Mother’s Day, mom can truly unwind and feel cherished this Mother’s Day with Sloom.

  1. Let her lie in, undisturbed: it’s likely, she’s up at the crack of dawn to get everyone ready for the day ahead. On Mother’s Day, remind her how much the entire family appreciates and loves her. Breakfast in bed in peace sounds like an unprecedented request, but we are sure she will relish the 30 minutes of uninterrupted time.
  2. Sloom or Gloom: It’s no surprise that Sloom is the most loved bed company in South Africa. For the ultimate night’s rest – with no motion transfer – Mom truly deserves a Sloom Mattress. You can further show your love for her with a Sloom Height-Adjustable Pillow as the cherry on top. They have now also launched their Oak-Edge Bedframe with Headboard, which is simply perfection.
  3. Flowers… for her garden: The gift that keeps on giving! Ask Mom what her favourite flowers are and gift her the potted plants instead so she can gaze at the blooming gift for years to come. It’s something she can enjoy day in and day out, as well as share the experience with her loved ones.
  4. Bath bombs and a bath: Is there anything better than a warm, bubbly bath? Chances are, if her kids are small, that she hasn’t had a bath – in peace – since she gave birth. Treat Mom to a wide selection of bath bombs and the time to enjoy them.
  5. Kids’ art: There are few things as special as your kids’ artwork, not just the art itself, but the concept that they made it specifically for Mom is wonderful. Dads, ask the kids what they want to make for mom – or maybe they’d like to pick her some flowers or shells on the beach? Allow them to take the driver’s seat but guide them along the way.

As Mother’s Day draws near, let’s redefine the celebration by honoring the woman who gives endlessly with moments of pure serenity. Whether it’s the embrace of a Sloom mattress, the fragrance of blooming flowers in her garden, or the simple joy of a peaceful bath, let’s gift her the rest she so deserves. Because in these moments of tranquility, we affirm not just our appreciation, but our deep love and gratitude for the extraordinary woman who is always there for us.

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