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Bedrooms Jul 4, 2021

Finishing Touches: 5 Tips For Choosing A Headboard For the Bedroom

A headboard is a great way to round off the design of any bedroom. It can serve as a beautiful focal piece behind the bed and can tie into the colour, overall ambience and look of your master suite. Here we share just a few tips before you pick out the right headboard for your room.

Headboard designs range in colour, finish and style. It’s a fun way to add your own personal style to your bedroom in a colour and material of your choice. Popular options include deep-buttoned upholstered headboards which can feature any colour fabric you envision. Other great options are solid wood headboards or creative DIY headboards featuring old doors or window panes, or pallette wood creations. The choice is yours…

When choosing a headboard remember to…

1. Check the size

Standard sizes include: three-quarter (1070mm), double (1370mm), queen (1530mm) or king (1850mm). Add 100mm on either side to accommodate bedding. Be sure to measure the height you want to achieve as well. Custom heights are usually between 600mm to 1200mm.

2. Choose your style

Modern tufted headboards are timeless and elegant but you may want to go for a more contemporary look. Metal, wood and even built-in headboard surrounds are great options to make the most of your space. Choose something that speaks to your personality and that will add to the overall look of your bedroom.

3. Choose your fabric

When having your headboard upholstered, be sure to pay careful attention to the fabric used. You want to pick out something that is both durable and stain-resistant. Plush velvet fabrics offer a touch of elegance but hard-wearing materials like leather are worthy investments that will also stand the test of time in your room.

4. Made to Measure

If you’re looking for a very specific style of headboard, it may be best to contact the professionals and have a made-to-measure headboard created just for you. This will give you the exact specifications you need to make the most of your room in a style and finish you love.

5. Contact the Professionals

Expert manufacturers are available to bring your headboard visions to life. The team from Finishing Touches offer a custom headboard solution with six different designs to choose from. Simply order the design you like, process your payment and collect your headboard in 10 – 15 working days! Finishing Touches also offer installation which can be arranged if needed at an additional cost.

Finishing Touches offer custom solutions that provide a vast range to play with when it comes to materials, sizes, types and flexibility. For more visit them online at Finishing Touches.


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