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Bedrooms Sep 18, 2022

Foam Factory: Your Guide To Foam Mattresses

A comfortable night of sleep can make all the difference in our modern, busy lives! Finding the right mattress is key to achieving comfort and rest. So what’s the difference between polyurethane foams and memory foams, gel foams and latex foams? If you’re feeling out of your depth in deciding on a foam mattress, we’re here to help!

Foams come in various finishes and not all foam is made equal. Today we’re looking at a few different kinds of foam to help you make the best choice.

Polyurethane Foams vs Memory Foam

Polyurethane (PU) or Poly Foam is quite possibly the most common type of mattress foam. It is often used as an upper comfort layer in innerspring mattresses. However, a big block of foam can be used by itself as a polyurethane foam mattress.

At this point you may be wondering if polyurethane foam is similar to memory foam. In terms of feel, it is quite different. Both have polyurethane in them though. The main difference between polyurethane foam and memory foam is that memory foam contains additional chemicals which increase its density and viscosity. So they are chemically related but feel vastly different to each other. PU foam is a lot more ‘bouncy’ or springy than memory foam.

Polyurethane is relatively inexpensive – especially in the case of the lower grades of polyurethane mattresses. However, the best grade for sleeping on (the high resiliency grade) is a lot more expensive.

Gel Foams

A gel foam mattress is like a memory foam mattress, but with gel pods added to the top layers of foam. These gel pods provide extra support for your lower back and neck. In addition, they add more bounce to your mattress, allowing the foam to fold back to its original shape faster. Furthermore, gel foam conforms to the body and relieves pressure by distributing weight evenly for personalised support.

Latex Foams

Latex is a springy, durable material derived from the sappy extract of rubber trees. When processed into foam for mattress layers, latex contours gently and produces a light bounce when you get in and out of bed. Latex mattresses can be a suitable alternative if you want a mattress that cushions the body without the deep “hug” of memory foam. Latex also retains minimal body heat, so these mattresses are a good option if you are a hot sleeper.

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