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Bedrooms Jan 9, 2021

Every Second Counts: Satin Pillowcases For Better Skin And Hair

When you fall asleep at night, do you ever think about how your bed and linen will affect your health? What about your skin and hair? Here we share some of the benefits of using satin pillowcases to improve your beauty regime.

We may spend lots of money on high-end products and night-time beauty essentials that promise protection while we sleep. However, did you know that even the smallest choice, such as your selection of pillow – can make a difference in the look and feel of your hair and skin!

Satin is smooth and silky and can help to reduce frizz, wrinkles and more. All you have to do is enjoy a good sleep and not worry about how your beautiful mane and skin will look in the morning!

Silk and satin pillowcases can make a world of difference. The silky, smooth surface means less tugging on your skin at night, which may help to curb wrinkle formation. Friction from coarse fabrics can also disrupt your hair at night, causing split ends, frizzy hair and tangles. A satin pillowcase helps to eliminate the friction which can be better for your hair in the long term.

Satin and silk are also less porous than cotton fabrics. This means that it is less likely to absorb moisture from your skin and hair at night. In the end, your hair and face are less likely to feel dry and dehydrated in the morning.

Few things are more luxurious than satin pillowcases. From the elegant sheen and classic beauty of the material to the soft lustrous feeling against the skin. Satin pillowcases bring true luxury to the bedroom. At Every Second Counts, you’ll find a range of pillowcases made of the highest quality, hand-picked satin.

Here you can treat your hair and skin to satin’s superior restorative qualities – for a healthier, more radiant you! For more visit Every Second Counts.



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