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Aug 24, 2019

Easylife: Storage Is King In The Perfect Girly Bedroom

This August, as we commemorate all the phenomenal women in our lives, we want to share some practical tips to help you create the ideal girly bedroom. It’s more than a place of rest and relaxation, but also a room in which to refuel, energise and regain strength to take on the world as a powerful woman!

Organisation and storage are tops when it comes to a dreamy and inspired bedroom. Keep things calm, organised and stylish in your master suite and you’ll already feel more at ease to find the rest your body needs each night!

Start with the closet:

When it comes to the closet, bigger is always better. What’s more is that a beautiful custom designed wardrobe is often the perfect solution. Not only will a big closet house all of your favourite things, but it will instantly demand order and less clutter to distract you in the bedroom. You also do not need a lot of space to create a custom-built closet to suit your needs. A smaller bedroom could do with a more compact offering in an unused nook or built around the bed. Invest in a customised closet and you’ll instantly upgrade your bedroom to one of order and functionality.

Drawer Space:

Every woman deserves a special spot to store her precious items, such as jewellery, underwear, accessories and more. Invest in ample drawer space – whether in your built-in cupboards, or in a chest of drawers that can also work as a feature in your bedroom. Be sure to keep things orderly with drawer dividers to help you maximise your space.

Declutter Your Space:

If you have existing storage in the bedroom, which is just not cutting it, be sure to declutter your closets and make space for your prized possessions. Start with the closet and toss any old, broken or unused items you no longer need or want. Decluttering is a great way to clear the mind – and your bedroom will certainly benefit from the results too. Next, keep counters and open surfaces clear of clutter. Are their plugs, chargers, papers and mess filling up your bedroom? Then perhaps it is time to declutter and remove the mess. Keep things clear and calm and ensure a peaceful space in your master suite.

Make the Most of Unused Areas:

If your bedroom is tiny or cramped, be sure to make the most of unused spaces. Invest in under-bed storage for those out of season clothing items and linen. You could also purchase a chest or nightstands for added storage where you need it most. We love innovative storage solutions such as wire racks, baskets and even rails to hang jewellery and key furniture items. In a calm, minimalist room, a simple rail could also act as a stylish open closet.

Easylife Kitchens, with factories in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and 31 showrooms country wide, offers a wide range of affordable finishes and accessories for your home. Their showrooms boast world-class technology and on-trend kitchen and bedroom closet designs.

If you need help creating the perfect girly room, with superior finishes and ample storage, be sure to visit Easylife Kitchens.

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