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Bedrooms Aug 9, 2021

Dream Republic – The Best Choice For the Future of Your Sleep

When it comes to a good night’s rest, Dream Republic® knows about quality sleep. As a premium online bed seller, Dream Republic is here to support you in making the best choice for the future of your sleep.


What are some of the key considerations we should make before buying a bed?

Buying the bed that’s right for you means, literally, getting a good feel for it. A minimum of 30 nights is needed on any bed to give your body a chance to adapt to the new sleep surface while aiding posture correction and spinal alignment. And that’s why we’ll give you 30 days to sleep on your bed before deciding it’s the one for you.


It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information out there; add to that a salesperson on the showroom floor who’s itching to make a sale, and you may just end up buying the wrong bed. You can’t choose a bed simply by feeling it by hand, so the first thing to consider is the firmness of the mattress, and all Dream Republic® beds are categorised using a rating scale from 1 (firm) to 10 (plush).


As sleep experts, Dream Republic® stands by Serta®  technology, and one of their enduring hallmarks is the patented continuous coil spring system in their beds. This technology is only found in Serta®  beds and is arguably  the most advanced and celebrated system ever produced. Providing posture support par none, this spring system runs from head to toe and supports sleepers of up to 150 kilograms while reducing disruptive movement transfer. The type of spring system in your bed is truly the cornerstone of its comfort, and cheaply made beds will often take shortcuts with their spring systems. Our Serta® beds are fitted with our unique patented spring system, giving you both physical support and ultimate comfort.


What sets Dream Republic® apart?

We partner with our suppliers to ensure we deliver the best, every time. As the authority on sleep, we’ve already sourced the best products and taken the guesswork out of buying a bed for you. By doing this we’re able to offer you attractive discounts while still delivering industry-leading quality.

We’re keeping the art of good sleep simple, and we believe that educating you about how our beds are made and ensuring only top-quality raw materials go into our beds, is the best way to win your trust.

We’re here to unpack technical terminology, dispel negative sleep myths and talk you through exactly how the best-in-bed technology is designed to benefit you, to give you arguably one of the best sleeping experiences in the world. Instead of stocking any and all makers of mattresses, we’ve partnered with arguably the world’s best mattress manufacturers – we’ve taken the conundrum of choice away from you by choosing the best ourselves. In that way, when you purchase a bed from Dream Republic®, you know you’re investing in the best quality which will pay itself back in manifold ways for years to come.


 As Dream Republic® we sell the simplicity of good sleep backed by the makers of the world’s best mattress,  Serta®. Our partnership with Serta® makes us the go-to online bed store when it comes to offering an extensive Serta® and Lylax® ranges, which means we give you value at any price point. We’re offering a bed for everyone that’s affordable, sleep and bed guidance that’s accessible and value for you across our range.


What are some of the leading brands you stock?

Serta® – Serta® is the manufacturer of the World’s Best Mattress™. They are one of the most recognised and trusted brand names among retailers and consumers everywhere. Serta® is proud to offer a pipeline of innovative products with today’s most advanced comfort and support features with ongoing investments into the highest quality and most innovative features to ensure that every mattress manufactured delivers superior comfort and support. Throughout its history, Serta® has been an industry leader, spearheading innovation in bedding. Today, Serta® offers a variety of exclusive features including their patented inner spring system, found in every Serta® bed.


Lylax® – Lylax® manufactures premium mattresses and bases at extremely affordable prices in South Africa and Southern Africa. Lylax® prides itself on providing excellent customer satisfaction, product quality and true affordability. Lylax® continues to deliver value without diminishing on quality, and being locally manufactured means Dream Republic® has given Lylax their stamp of approval when it comes to quality, comfort and real affordability.


What should we consider when purchasing a bed and mattress online?

Online shopping is growing globally, and 48% of all beds bought in the US are purchased online. At Dream Republic®, we have come to know a new type of south Africa shopper – the online shopper who is armed with the confidence, knowledge and know-how to decide what they want for themselves. We’ve optimised our offering to now be online, making buying a bed easier than ever. You can confidently buy your bed online knowing that we’re there to offer our expert knowledge and informed support. We’ve done all the legwork for you by vetting our suppliers thereby ensuring that we keep our quality promise to deliver on what we say.

The comfort of buying a bed online is now a seamless reality and our Dream Republic® website is set up to make your buying journey just as seamless.


Life is busy and it’s hard to rest well. How can we achieve better sleep and feel more rested?

Our best sleep comes from the right support systems – emotional, physiological and environmental, and these three factors work hand-in-hand. While we may be able to control some of them some to some degree, it makes sense to begin with the most achievable – the environmental. We cannot survive without sleep, yet the only time sleep’s value is realised is when we are not able to do it. Too little sleep or poor-quality sleep can ultimately result in health problems later in life. We all agree that sleep is the cornerstone of wellness, so investing in the best you will help you to harness the benefits of good sleep. And the simplest way to curate your sleep environment for better sleep begins with your bed.


The stresses of modern life are almost inescapable, but we can have greater control on ourselves and the environment within our homes. We have the power to make small lifestyle changes, educate ourselves about getting the best sleep and draw on the knowledge of those with many years of experience in the sleep industry and its affiliates. Sometimes the simplest change can have the greatest effect, and sometimes it’s your bed. At Dream Republic® we believe that you don’t know you’re sleeping on a bad bed until you sleep on a great one.

Choose better sleep and discover more at Dream Republic®.




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