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Mar 16, 2020

Da Rocha Interiors: 10 Tips For A Thoughtful Guest Bedroom

A perfect guest bedroom should be cosy and inviting for any visitor in your home. It should cater to your guests’ needs and offer a place of relaxation and rest. Here we share 10 professional tips to help you create a thoughtful guest bedroom that will be sanctuary in your home.

  1. Declutter

It’s often tempting to use your guest bedroom as a storage room, especially when it is not often in use throughout the year. However, clutter and unnecessary goods can make a guest bedroom feel cramped and uninviting. Start by de-cluttering the mess and start with a clean slate so you can restore calm and order in this room.

2. A comfy bed

Invest in a comfortable and lofty bed for visitors. Twin beds are ideal if you are in need of more space – these can be pushed together into a large bed if need be. Your selected beds should be comfy and supportive for your visitors – a place where they can easily drift off into a peaceful sleep.

3. Make a statement with a headboard

A stylish headboard will set the tone in your guest bedroom. We love tufted and upholstered headboards which add a hint of luxury living in the bedroom. Create an elegant sanctuary with a bold headboard – go for beautiful textures and colours that make a real statement in this space.

4. Keep it sleek, neutral and simple

A neutral palette is often a great starting point for a guest bedroom. As you cannot cater to everyone’s tastes, a neutral colour scheme with calming tones will help to create a tranquil space that is timeless, sleek and simple.

5. Add soft textures

Soft furnishings such as curtains, a bedroom rug, and even throws and scatters on the bed will add to the comfort level of your guest bedroom. These textures often work to soften a room and will help to create a peaceful environment for rest.

6. Add seating

Create a little seating area where guests can further relax and unwind. A couch is the perfect furniture piece to help your visitors find comfort in the room. However, if space is limited, an armchair or bench are great alternatives. Create a little reading nook or place your armchair near a window where your guests can enjoy the views and access fresh air.

7. Consider the temperature

During the cooler months, be sure to stock up on extra blankets in your guest bedroom. You may also want to invest in an electric blanket or a heater to make nights more comfortable for your visitors. Seasonal bedding is also important to help regulate temperatures. In the summer months, a ceiling fan or freestanding fan, or even an air conditioning unit, may be ideal to keep things temperate and your guests comfortable.

8. Layer the lighting

One overhead light pendant may not always be enough to illuminate a larger bedroom. Invest in bold bedside lighting or a floor lamp near a seating space, to give your guests more options and keep the space beautifully lit.

9. Plug points and adapters

Your guests may need to charge their phones or plug in devices. Be sure to have extra adapters and plug points open in the room to meet their needs.

10. Functional Storage

It isn’t fun if you’re expected to live out of a suitcase. Empty out the guest bedroom closet or add a chest of drawers with space for your guests to unpack their wares. Bedside tables are also a great functional storage solution in the guest bedroom. Other options include end-of-bed storage, a clothing rail or even a few simple hooks behind a door.

Consider your guests’ needs as you create a special and thoughtful guest bedroom in your home. If you’re looking for designer input and professional advice, the team from Da Rocha Interiors are always at hand to assist you with expert guidance.

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