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Jan 22, 2020

Create A Blissful Bedroom with Enza Home

Peace. Relaxation. Bliss. These are some of the qualities that should define your bedroom. If not, it is time to rethink your space.

ALESSA BEDROOM – combines natural textures with unique sense of aesthetics with exclusive needlework details and unique designs of functional nightstand and leather handles.

Enza Home leaves a remarkable impression with its bedroom collections featuring reliable quality and concept designs.

Stylish and functional bedroom sets bring coziness and quality to your home. Models reflected with fine lines and elegant touches create a different world in bedrooms with durable materials and creative colour combinations. Models complemented with easy-to-clean nightstands, scratch-resistant wardrobes, unique chest of drawers mirrors, and highly comfortable beds offer you the service quality of Enza Home.

Aria Bedroom Set carries the magical charm of nature into the bedrooms with impressive details, vivid textures and calm combinations of colors. It brings spectacular visuality together with the functionality that provides two different bedstead alternatives.

Enza Home stores further offer design to make a difference in your home, standing out with a chic appearance.

If you want to create a bedroom sanctuary at home, here are a few ideas to help you transform your space:

  • Keep it neutral and calm. A neutral palette often enhances a calming ambience in the bedroom. Choose beautiful light colours for your bedding and decor and allow the mellow tones to complement a relaxing mood in your space.
  • Soft, plush fabrics are a great way to soften a space. Bring in plush fabrics on your bed and soft, airy drapes to set the tone here.
  • Add freshness. Add a vase of flowers to your nightstand or a potted plant to bring in a little freshness and greenery to your space.
  • Enhance the natural light in your bedroom. Remove heavy drapes and blinds and opt for light window coverings to maximise the natural light in your room. Shutters are a great and contemporary option.
  • Quality bedroom furniture is a great investment. Choose quality furniture to create a stylish and restful space in your master suite.

A Serene and Stylish Interpretation to Modernism Dolge Bedroom, with its modern lines and striking special design details, adds a simple grace to contemporary design. Eye-catching with walnut colour and marble design combinations, Dolge Bedroom enriches the design with its wooden pattern MDF applications. Combining with a stylish looking bronze mirror detail and creating a serene yet stylish atmosphere, Dolge Bedroom completes the natural and rich design details with bed w/o storage alternatives and 7 different wardrobe options.

Find everything you need to create a peaceful bedroom at Enza Home.

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