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Bedrooms Oct 17, 2020

CLM Home: Make Storage Easy & Style a Given

Shelving … a hot commodity in every home

Imagine a room where everything is in its place, you know where to find it and it looks like it’s been placed there for a (style) reason.

Add some bookshelves to the room and you instantly have that extra storage space you’ve been longing for, plus extra shelves for decor.

The Modular Storage Collection

CLM’s modular storage collection offers versatility for any space. Both the Balance and Lori Collections are now available to enhance your home. Now you can design your own modular shelving, desk or tv stand by building a balanced arrangement of boxes and shelves.

The Balance Collection is an intuitive furniture system where the appearance and functions depend only on your imagination. Select your colour preference, identify the function the shelf will fulfil and combine the elements as you like, without any screws but by simple balance.

Balance allows you to build your own furniture by placing the boxes and shelves on top of one another.
Secure the furniture to the wall with the bracket kit and voila… easy, stylish and effective storage ready for use.

The Lori Collection is the perfect choice for transforming your office or study into a stylish and effective working space. The adjustable shelving allows you to arrange the furniture to fit your space.
Lori also offers a wide variety of bedroom furniture that emphasises sleekness from every corner.

Longer wall? Just extend your bookcase. It looks custom-made! You’ll have space for a tall vase and boxes for storage to keep your items stylishly out of sight.

Shop Marcia’s Favourites:

The Leiff Open Bookshelf

The Leiff Open Bookshelf is an aesthetic, open shelving solution that would make for a contemporary, styled feature against a blank wall. This range of Scandi-lifestyle furniture is made using both cutting-edge technology and age-old carpentry methods. By hand-finishing using sustainable local materials, these products are perfect for your contemporary home office, bedroom or living space.

The Evolve Narrow Bookcase

The Evolve Narrow Bookcase by Vox is a stunning piece of furniture that perfectly complements the other furniture from the unique Evolve range. The bookcase features five spacious shelves, the bottom shelf being covered by a black hinged door. The combination of white shelves, light grey backboard, black accents and natural wood shell creates a unique look that will enhance any contemporary room. The bookcase is lifted slightly off the ground with sturdy wooden feet, enabling easy cleaning underneath.

Simple Low Bookcase

Perfect for teenagers and kids rooms, this Simple Low Bookcase features durable materials and elegant contours. Your choice of frame combined with a sturdy pair of legs are both practical and on trend. Twelve adjustable shelves create a striking display space while offering ample storage for books, art, and keepsakes.

Find shelving for everyone with local and international brands, exclusive designs and superior quality in CLM’s baby, kids, and home items.

Visit CLM Home for more info.

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