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Bedrooms Jan 6, 2022

SpaceSave: Back To School

It is back to school and work from home for most of us. Are you properly equipped? Or are you contributing to a new health crisis in the making?

For most of us, our way of working and our location of work has changed significantly since the start of Covid-19.

We are choosing or are required to work from home all or some of the time. Our kids are also often required to home-school or do their homework at home.

However, a lot of us still have to make do with sub-optimal working conditions, such as working on the bed, the kitchen table, a chair that is too high or too low or computer accessories that are unsuitable. According to a recent study, 41.2% of workers at home experience back pain and 23.5% experience neck pain. Experts point out that many of these health issues can be prevented by taking simple steps to improve the work environment at home.


According to Janine Horn, Senior Financial Planner and Business Strategic consultant at Momentum, there has been a significant increase in physiotherapist and doctor’s visits related to physical and mental issues. A bigger longer-term risk is also that many people only have hospital cover and therefore do not seek medical advice, This will result in a large increase in chronic illness if not addressed early on.

Covid-19 has not only resulted in significant health concerns but may further contribute to long-term health care problems – unbundling a whole crisis. Working from home in unsuitable conditions will result in long-lasting health ailments and chronic conditions.

When identifying a suitable space, these need to highlighted:

· Ensure that there is enough light, heat, and ventilation to comfortably conduct business

· Keep the workspace tidy

· Keep the work area free from loud noise interruptions and distractions

· Make sure the floor is clean, dry, and free from slip, trip and fall hazards

· Have suitably located power sockets to avoid trailing cables and overloading of sockets

· Ensure the availability of adequate internet/phone.

· Encourage a healthy work life balance with comfort breaks and sufficient time to eat

· Most importantly, ensure you have a proper work surface and suitable desk space


Now that is easier said than done. Most employees will most likely encounter a severe space problem at home. Condensed living conditions shared by all family members, means there is often no ready space for a desk.

Combined with a partner’s potential need for a workspace in addition to kids having to do homework, means that space is a major issue. And while a dedicated space is very important, it may not be feasible.

We often do not realise the importance of space in our physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, consider your circumstances and look at space-saving equipment, such as foldable, space-saving desks that can fold-away when the work is done. This does not only signal the end of the work day but also provides space for you and your family’s other needs. SpaceSave offer a large range of innovative, space-saving desks and tables suitable for any space.


Choose between a fold-up desk with mirror or blackboard, a fold-down desk in various sizes or a stand-alone flip-folding desk.

For more, visit SpaceSave online and discover the latest innovations for your home and office.

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