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Sealy: 5 Ways To Help You Motivate Your Kids To Organize Their Bedrooms

When it comes to keeping a child’s bedroom clean, the task may seem never-ending. Constantly littered with toys, dirty socks and clothing strewn across the furniture – where do you even begin? Here we share five ways to help motivate your kids to keep their rooms tidy.

Set the tone when they are little

Teach your kids how to keep an organized room in tip top condition from a young age. Show them how to properly pack away shoes and fold clothing; and where to place their dirty laundry. Use a reward chart if you must, but set the example when they are little, and hopefully, this idea will stick with them when they are older.

Teach them to make the bed

As soon as you feel like your child is ready, teach them to make their own bed. Even if it is not perfect from the start, this will help them take some ownership of their bedroom, and will also hopefully tick off one task from your own endless to-do list. Help them fold blankets, tuck sheets and puff little pillows. Eventually, this task will become second nature.

Make Storage Easy

With multiple storage solutions in sight, the task of organizing is made that much easier. Invest in baskets and boxes, shelving and more to help your child keep their room tidy. Label boxes for toys, books, shoes and more – and show them where everything goes. This will be a great help to keep things in easy reach and the room feeling more organized.

Keep Furniture Sleek and Simple

A room can easily feel cluttered and closed in when you have too much furniture in it. Keep your child’s bedroom simple with the essentials they will need. A good sturdy bed and perhaps a dresser or wardrobe are the staple items. Invest in a quality mattress and bed set to ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep and will feel in a better mood each morning to help you tidy their rooms.

Create A Habit of Giving Away

Children grow so fast and before you know it, you’ll be left with toys and clothes that you no longer need or use. Help your child declutter and create a habit of giving away those things that you no longer need. This will also help to create a more organized space for storage in their bedroom.

A child’s bedroom should be a safe space – a haven – from the outside world. Help them keep it organized and clean and you’ll be sure to have a happier little person in no time. To get the best out of your day, you also need a good night’s sleep. Sealy is made to help you – and your family – relax and recover, every night, so that you can wake up feeling great!

Sealy beds promise more than just sound sleep; they promise healthy sleep, thanks to extensive research and development programs that have put Sealy at the cutting edge of the ‘Science of Sleep’, to produce more than just outstandingly good beds.

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