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Bedrooms Jun 25, 2022

CLM Home: The Veggie-Themed Capsule Collection

Are you struggling to get your children excited about eating their vegetables? Maybe you can help to convince them with the latest veggie-themed capsule collection of home decor available from CLM Home.

Mother and daughters teamed up to create a kids’ textile decor collection that features the veggie world. In fact, this veggie-themed capsule collection captures children’s interest in gardening and nature, providing fun playtime indoors and avoiding all the mess!

Its designs prompt child interaction by stimulating role-play and sensory experimentation, sparking self-discovery in true Montessori fashion.

Another stylish machine-washable range from Lorena Canals.

The Veggie Garden Washable Rug

This interactive playmat is handmade from recycled and natural cotton using various techniques that create an irregular surface texture. This makes it not only visually appealing but very pleasing to the touch as well. It includes inconspicuous built-in pockets that can be filled with the vegetables that come with it such as carrots, radishes and cabbage leaves made out of fabric.

Furthermore, the carefully made rug is robust and can be machine washed if necessary.

Basket Veggies

The natural beige braided cotton cords and the pockets filled with much-loved veggies is the only gift your little one (or you!) needs this year for their nursery or playroom. Basket Veggies from Lorena Canals is subsequently the perfect storage solution for teaching your children to organise their toys, clothes, books or even groceries! It could be a decorative plant pot too…

Veggie Knitted Cushions

Bring some fun and colour into your child’s room with this playful collection of Veggie Cushions featuring Cathy the Carrot, Ramona the Radish, and Brucy the Broccoli. These adorable cushions are shaped as their named veggie and feature bright colours to match. Furthermore, they are dyed with natural colours only and are rather enchanting at first sight. In addition, ittle details such as green leaves make it even more appealing.

The soft and cuddly cushions are also perfect for on the go. A practical extra: these cushions can be machine washed!

Maybe your little one doesn’t really like broccoli or radish. We bet they won’t be able to resist this cute collection though!

Shop the veggie-inspired range now available from CLM Home.

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