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Bedrooms Aug 1, 2022

CLM Home: Smart Storage with Stige

Independence and creativity are very important to kids, and the Vox Stige Collection understands that. Find this fun range now available at CLM Home and bring smart storage to your children’s lives. Modern and modular, with Stige you can build your very own custom-made room.


Climbing, crawling and conquering unknown territories – this is how kids learn and discover their surroundings. Older children create their own worlds and want to decide on what these worlds look like. Stige is a collection of modular furniture which allows them to build their first custom-made place.

Build storage suited to you. With modular elements, the Stige range allows you to create your own bespoke furniture. From bookcases to cabinets to drawers, arrange them how you please, any combination will work!

For the smaller ones, simple ladders can become bridges to fantastic adventures. It was this inspiration that led designers to create Stige. This kind of space, conducive to development and constant creative search, has been designed by Bartłomiej Pawlak and Łukasz Stawarski.


A place to learn and grow

The Stige Desk with Wooden Ladder from Vox is a truly wonderful piece of furniture. With all the optional additions it’s an item you can really make your own. In a simple streamlined finish with a pine ladder frame, this desk will suit any interior style and would blend seamlessly into your kiddie’s bedroom. With a large tabletop, there will be plenty of space for homework or drawing and the two drawers are ideal for storing all their stationery. But the truly amazing thing about this desk is all the bits you can add! Open cube storage, to put their favourite books in. A cork board to put pictures and notes. Or even a dartboard to take a break. Whatever you choose it will be a welcome addition.

Now you can make your space your own with the Stige collection, designed by VOX Furniture.

Some of the features of Stige include:

  • Manufactured from German engineered laminate
  • Wooden handles on cabinets
  • Cabinets can be stacked
  • Easy to combine with other pieces from the Stige range to create a modular storage unit

Shop Stige now at CLM Home.

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