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CLM Home: Rugs For Little People

Designing a children’s bedroom can be a lot of fun. You’re only limited by your imagination. So why not bring a playful element underfoot with a beautiful rug option from CLM Home.

Why a playful rug?

Rugs bring warmth underfoot and can tie into the overall look and colour scheme of your nursery, playroom or child’s bedroom. It’s a soft landing for little feet and also a great spot for children to play without the worry of cold floors.

Make life colourful with the latest selection of kiddie rugs from Lorena Canals available at CLM Home. This range come as a collab with internationally renowned urban-inspired artist Edgar Plans.


Ghosty is a friendly character inspired by Edgar Plans’ artwork that comes to inspire little ones to overcome their fears and paint them in many colours. A fun washable wool rug in bright orange hues, imitating the artist’s brushstrokes, that adds a pop of colour to any room along with its own matching knitted cotton cushion for children and art fans to cherish.


Imagine your world through the eyes of Edgar Plans’ cosmic mouse character, born a dreamer who pursues great achievements… And who hasn’t once dreamt of becoming an astronaut to change the world’s vision? A round-shaped rug that will become the accent decoration item in a space-themed kids’ room or in any corner of the house, for a touch of cosmic fantasy with an artsy vibe!


Fight for our planet! Batboy comes to town to inspire us to save the planet, concealed in a halo of mystery behind his black mask. And who doesn’t like to hide behind a mask to become a superhero once in a while? This washable wool rug is perfect for creating superhero-themed kids’ interiors with an artsy twist or to be used as an accent piece in any corner of the home. It has a small matching knitted cushion that is sure to become a kid’s inseparable companion.

A rug is a statement piece and can become a much-loved talking point in a child’s room. Shop the range at CLM Home.

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