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Bedrooms Feb 26, 2021

CLM Home: Investment Pieces For Your Baby

There is nothing more precious than bringing a new baby home. CLM Home makes the transition easy with big kid rooms made easy. 2-in-1 nursery furniture will give you bang for your buck and create a stylish retreat for your little one to grow into!

The well-known convertible cot selection by Vox will grow with your child throughout their development, as it transforms with your needs, and for parents, it helps to avoid changing all the furniture when baby grows up.

Equip your little one’s room with beautiful nursery furniture and durable design. Vox’s convertible cots are adjustable to three levels to be converted as your baby develops.

As soon as your toddler is ready to graduate from the cot, the cot turns into a junior bed for children.

The Maxim Cot Bed

Invest in your baby’s room and the sweet taste of freedom, as you can remove three bars as soon as your little one can walk, allowing them to go out of the cot whenever they want (that means no more yelling for mom or dad when nap time is over and need you to lift them out the cot).

Once they’re too big for you to lift altogether, you can convert the cot into a comfortable toddler bed. Talk about an investment.

The Vintage Cot Bed

If you fancy retro-style interiors, the Vintage nursery range is going to be love at first sight. Can’t imagine a children’s room without pastel colours? Then the Vintage collection is perfect for you. The decorative motif on the compactum is an inclined drawer front available in white, pink, blue and oak. The only thing you have to do is to choose your favourite one.

The Altitude Cot Bed

The stylish Altitude Cot Bed by Vox will grow with your child throughout their development since it’s convertible into a toddler bed. Less is more. Simplicity is combined with functionality and the end result? The beautiful, minimalistic Altitude range.

The 4You Convertible Cot Bed

The 4You Cot Bed – White & Oak by Vox offers removable cot bars for baby to climb out when they’re ready and thereafter becomes a bed and desk! By removing three bars from the cot bed you will open the very first door to the world of small but great discoveries for your child, meaning the toddler can freely travel around the room and get to know their space. The bed offers three possible heights for adjusting to your child’s changing needs.

The Convertible Spot Cot Bed

The Spot Cot Bed will grow with your child throughout their development (from birth to 7 years) since it is convertible into a junior bed. The cot also offers removable cot bars for your toddler to climb out when they’re ready.


Vox Leaf Cot Bed

Your little one will love the new Vox Leaf Cot Bed. Not only is this piece a beautifully designed cot, but it can also be transformed into a toddler bed that will last for up to 7 years so it can grow with your child. Its modern and minimalist design means that it will easily match your modern decor scheme of choice.

So, which one will you choose? Visit CLM Home and shop the latest collections.

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