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Bedrooms Nov 13, 2020

CLM Home: How Useful Can 1 or 2 Boxes Really Be?

We’re just going to say it…kid’s rooms get messy. The 4You collection by Vox Furniture (which is exclusively sold on CLM Home) offers a sleek, functional and clean look, with extra storage everywhere.  So, parents, to recap: sleek, storage and perhaps…a spotless room?

Sound too good to be true? Well, we’re quickly realising that one or two boxes can actually make all the difference. Let’s take a look at these stylish furniture options with added storage from CLM Home…

Functional 4You Study Desk

The 4You Study Desk from the 4You collection by Vox is a wonderfully functional desk featuring clean-lined design and clever storage solutions. The 4You Study Desk embodies inspiring functionality, creativity and a perfect arrangement of space.

It has two spacious drawers, a wide shallow one under the desktop and a bottom one with larger capacity, on high quality slide rails which means they will open easily even when heavily loaded. The alcove shelf in a contrasting oak wood colour above the large drawer is both decorative and useful for organising and storing stationery, and can be lifted for additional hidden storage underneath. One more shelf on the right hand side under the desktop means absolutely everything will find a storage space in this unique desk!

The 4You Canopy Bed

The 4You Canopy Bed from the 4You collection by Vox features clean-lined design and clever functionality. It embodies inspiring functionality, creativity and a perfect arrangement of space. It has a modern design with an adjustable backrail to mimic a daybed, and the beautiful wooden canopy can be draped with a piece of fabric for a dreamy atmosphere. The bed can also be mounted in two separate positions, on the floor or a bit higher to allow for storage in a drawer underneath.

The modern laminated board surfaces are resistant to damage and damp and easy to keep clean. The wooden frame is made from solid oak. The bed is extra length single size – 92cm x 200cm – and requires an appropriate mattress which is available separately. For additional functionality, you can purchase the 4You Storage Drawer for a neat storage solution that fits under the bed or the 4You Underbed to accommodate sleepover guests. This product is exclusively sold by CLM Home and you will not find it anywhere else.

The 4You Functional Boxes

The 4You Large Box is designed as a functional and decorative container for complementing the furniture from the 4You collection. It can also stand independently as a pedestal, a storage compartment where you can keep jewellery, small items, documents, or stack them to create your own customised shelving unit. You can choose from five colours and two sizes to place unique decorative accents to your heart’s content! The 4You Set of 2 Clips is used to fasten the chests together in order to stack them securely as a unit.

The 4You Two-Door Wardrobe

The elegant 4You Two-Door Wardrobe from the 4You collection by Vox is a spacious wardrobe featuring clean-lined design and a unique alcove.

This tall wardrobe (2m+) has two doors opening to ample packing and hanging space with spacious shelves on both sides as well as a rail. The left side of the wardrobe has four shelves, of which three are height adjustable. A unique feature of this wardrobe is the open alcove, with two doors opening above and below it.

The alcove can be fitted with an combination of the 4You Chests – two large or four small ones fit the opening – for neat storage and an added decorative element (chests available separately). The right side has two shelves, one at the top and an adjustable one at the bottom. An extendable rod for hanging clothes is suspended underneath the top shelf. For additional functionality, the 4You Tall Side Wall Bookcase can be mounted on either side of the wardrobe for a complete storage solution. The surfaces of modern laminated board are resistant to damp and damage and are easy to clean.


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