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Bedrooms Sep 17, 2020

Blissful Bedrooms: How To Strike The Perfect Work-Life Balance With Atmosphere Furniture

If you’ve been working from home over the past few months, you may have come to realise the importance of work-life balance. The concept is easier said than done. We take a look at trendy furniture items for blissful bedrooms from Atmosphere Furniture and share some advice on how to create an inspired space at home for both work and rest.

Strike a balance

The modern bedroom is a sanctuary from the outside world. However, with a global pandemic wreaking havoc in the workplace, some of us have been forced to take our work into this sacred space. If you’ve been using a bedroom as a makeshift office lately, perhaps it is time to revamp and rethink this space to suit your needs.

A simple, stylish desk in a corner could serve as a great, functional space. It’s the perfect spot to whip out a book or your laptop to complete your work. The trick here is to keep things sleek, clean and streamlined. This will enhance a tranquil environment for both work and rest.

Creative Ideas In A Bedroom or Guest Room:

  • Invest in quality furniture that evokes a calming ambience. We love modern wood with mixed finishes for a trendy, eclectic and contemporary bedroom vibe.
  • A small yet stylish desk in an open area of the room can serve as a space to work, read or even do your make up. Add a small lamp for task lighting and a comfortable chair to make the space more functional.
  • Add definition with a mix of textures. Think soft furnishings to soften hard edges. A plush rug, throw or some scatters in the bedroom will add comfort.

Consider small details that make a big impact:

  • Add pops of colour to suit your personality. Let your bedroom spark joy with a hint of your favourite seasonal tones. Choose statement furniture in neutral shades that can comfortably fit into the space all year long, but get creative with accent pieces and decor in various shades of colour.
  • Storage is key in the bedroom. From a quality bedside table to a chest of drawers, storage will help restore balance and keep things clear and streamlined in the bedroom.
  • Lighting is essential in every room, and more so in the bedroom. A well lit area in will make the space feel brighter, happier and more in balance to achieve what needs to be done at home.

Mindful Choices In Every Space:

Say no to clutter at home. Opt opt for mindful choices to create a home that you love. Quality over quantity is important here.

Declutter. Start today! If you’re using one room for various tasks, such as work, sleep or even play, then be sure to keep it modern and streamlined. A clear space will give you the feeling of balance and control over your environment. It may also promote productivity.

Remember, our homes and work spaces are a reflection of who we are. If we invest in work life balance, we find a happy medium between work and rest; and we can create spaces that celebrate both.

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