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Bedrooms May 3, 2021

Atmosphere Furniture: 4 Beds & 4 Personalities – Which Are You?

What does your bed say about you? After all, it is the one spot where we spend most of our time each day! The right bed does not only add to your overall bedroom bliss, but can also help to improve your mood, your room’s ambience, and your overall wellbeing.

Here we share some of our favourite beds from Atmosphere Furniture and what each one says about your style…

The Trendsetter

You like to think out of the box and set your own trends. When it comes to your interior style, and particularly the bedroom, you’re more prone to choose statement pieces and you’re often drawn to detail and pattern to create a trendier, more contemporary look. If this is you, then the Kelly Bed from Atmosphere Furniture is the ideal statement bed for your bedroom. Featuring a bold geometric design that extends from the headboard to the base, the look is contemporary with a little edge. Perfect for the modern-day trendsetter.

The Industrialist

You’re into business and have tons of plans running through your head. You may be an entrepreneur or you simply work hard daily to achieve your goals. If this is you, the Alto Bed from Atmosphere Furniture will certainly speak your language. Its sleek lines and modern metal frame make it the ideal spot to unwind and dream about your future plans. We love the mix of materials – dark textured wood and steel – which adds an urban, edgy and industrial look to your space.

The Minimalist

You love to keep things simple and streamlined – in life, in relationships, and certainly in your interior style. Less is more and you’re drawn to clean lines and monochromatic palettes. If this is you, then the Capella Bed is your perfect match. It’s chic and simple with a subtle design flair. We love the raised and angled feet which give it a refreshing look. The beautiful dark Acacia Wood finish brings added depth and texture to enhance any bedroom.

The Creative

You’re open-minded and flexible and you never shy away from colour and new ideas. You find joy in being creative and expressing yourself. If this is you, then the Balam Bead from Atmosphere Furniture is the perfect fit for your creative personality. We love the modern rustic charm of this bold bed. It’s certainly a statement piece with built-in side shelving to house all your creative decor. We love the live edge style of the headboard which also speaks to your connection to nature and your love of organic pieces.

At Atmosphere Furniture you will find a complete range of beautiful furniture and accessories to style your dream home.

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