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Bedrooms Oct 29, 2023

Ashley Furniture: A Guide To Refreshing Your Master Bedroom

It’s time to refresh your bedroom and give it the TLC it deserves.


Sometimes our bedrooms can be in desperate need of a revamp. We might not want to completely remodel, but a couple of new additions can transform any bland master bedroom into the space of our dreams. Small touches like contemporary decor, a new comforter set, or an area rug can add to your room without much effort. Finding ideal bedroom sets can make a huge difference for a more thorough refresh.

At Ashley Furniture you’ll find the hottest trends in furniture and decor for every style and budget. Whether you’re looking to revamp your master bedroom or switch out a few worn-out pieces, you’re sure to have the best option.

With countless options for modern master bedroom ideas, you may wonder about the best place to start. Ask yourself a few questions before getting started. The first thing to understand is why your room needs to be revamped. Is it the layout? Or issues with clutter and organization? Maybe you’re just ready for an all-around change.

If you’re going for a more in-depth refresh, you might want to start by painting the walls. Other simple tasks like de-cluttering, deep cleaning, and creating more space (or the illusion of it) can easily transform your master—especially if your room is small.

Strictly focusing on furniture and decor? We recommend starting with the standout pieces, such as your bed set and nightstands, while focusing on the best way to make your space functional without compromising on style.



Decorating is often the most exciting part of revamping your master bedroom. Picking out artwork that speaks to your soul and choosing accents to further heighten the beauty of your furniture can add an effortlessly contemporary look to any bedroom. Master bedroom decor ideas can be simple touches like getting new bedding, adding new light fixtures, or adding colour to your space.


Updating light fixtures and accent lighting are straightforward tasks that can make a world of difference in the look and feel of your master bedroom. Even using a light bulb with warm fluorescence creates a cosy, inviting space.


Adding small pops of colour wherever you see fit is a great way to elevate your space if your walls are neutral. Pick a few colours you love and add them throughout your room in artwork, area rugs, and accent pieces. Switching out accent pillows and trying new bold patterns can create a vibrant feel.


Changing your linens or using different textures as the seasons change is an easy way to decorate. No matter, if your style is modern, romantic, classic, or somewhere in between… playing with different materials like velvet, leather, fur, and metal, will add unique accents taking your bedroom to the next level.


If you’re looking for fresh master bedroom ideas, Ashley is the perfect spot to create the modern master bedroom your heart desires. They have a range of simple, contemporary styles and trendy, fashion-forward pieces to make your bedroom pop. These master bedroom decorating ideas can help you make your bedroom refresh as simple or elaborate as your heart desires.

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