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Zadig & Voltaire: A Parisian Minimalist Interior

The global French brand, Zadig & Voltaire is known for its edgy designer clothing and accessories which are carried at more than 300 directly owned boutiques around the world. This global fashion brand is run by CEO and founder Thierry Gillier and artistic director Cecilia Bönström, whom he reportedly wed in 2016.

After leaving a beloved Haussmannian apartment, Thierry and Cecilia moved to a 500 m2 duplex. The interior is beautifully minimalist and successfully frames an abundant and varied collection of art.

Prior to his overwhelming success in fashion, Thierry was an artist and an avid fan of furniture and objects. Naturally, collecting art has become a passion. His love for the minimalist and monochromatic trend began when he lived in New York. After working at Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry created his own brand with the name of his favourite book, Zadig de Voltaire. For this Frenchman, fashion is an art as important as literature or cinema.

Originally from Sweden, Celilia’s style is one of Scandinavian influence. Minimalism and simplicity are important aspects of her design style. Indeed, after the couple started buying art and objects together, their collection gradually evolved. It thus moved away from quiet refinement and into something more imaginative.

A sensual, elegant retreat

It is in this way that this new home — a conversion encompassing two floors on Rue Galilée in Paris’s 16th arrondissement, a mere five-minute stroll to the Zadig & Voltaire headquarters — oozes sensuality. It thus gracefully showcases both elegance and play…

“I dreamed of a place that would capture our minimal style and at the same time harmonize with our collection” says Thierry. “Every time we buy a new place, we look for a new designer. This time a Belgian architect, Bernard Dubois, was in charge. I wanted to create an atmosphere where the past and future coexist” the couple explains.

Bernard Dubois’ work spans cultures and materialities. As such, every inch of this minimalist interior is carefully thought out. Large-format paintings and photographs fill the walls. Moreover, ancient figures from Africa and Indonesia add warmth to the modern atmosphere.

A place for family

The top two floors of the building, including the rooftop, have become home to the family and art pieces. The window on the roof allows for the sunshine to enter each corner. Furthermore, the terrace has a clear view of the Eiffel Tower. On a starry night, the family gathers here for a meal.


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