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Wolkberg Casting Studio: How To Incorporate Eco-Friendly Elements into Our Spaces

The world is changing and our choices today will impact our quality of life tomorrow. So, how can we continue to incorporate eco-friendly elements into our spaces? Let’s delve into this question and take a look at what is on offer from Wolkberg Casting Studio.

There has been a massive drive towards sustainable living, design and manufacturing in recent years. Products that offer green eco-friendly benefits are more readily available to consumers. We have also seen a shift in consumers continuously choosing more sustainable alternatives over the convenient norm. It is a slow process, but with a continuous demand for sustainable eco-friendly products, and growing consumer base, the market will continue to tip the scale in favour of becoming as eco-friendly as possible.

Wolkberg is proud to be part of the sustainable drive with products achieving a 4-star green rating accredited by the Green Building Council of South Africa.wolkberg-aarthuisclaassen-nfp-twoWhat other trends are worth considering?

Mindful Minimalism

Explore the art of decluttering for a harmonious living environment. Whether it be an abundance of family photos, decorative heirlooms, your favourite comfortable blanket when watching Netflix or a convenient place to leave keys and other daily items, we all have clutter. Mindful minimalism is the art of still having these items in your living space, but rather displaying or storing them in more functional and aesthetically appealing ways.

Take those photos, reframe them and create a new contemporary collage on a feature wall. Showcase Nana’s china in an up-to-date display cabinet. It is maybe time for the sticky wooden dining table to be swapped out for a new stone dining table.

wolkberg-aart-saTech Infused Spaces

The advancement of technology has helped us in many ways produce innovative, compact, eco-friendly and multifunctional products helping us to free up space in our homes, achieving more functional and efficient living spaces.

The library/study room is now a simple laptop on your coffee table. Similarly, technology has allowed us to seamlessly introduce many new decorative materials to uplift our living spaces that appeal to our ever-changing needs.

Colour Chronicles

Uncover the power of fashion colours infiltrating the home. Terracotta, faded orange, peach and cream may follow soon after for a brief moment after the current red and brown trend.wolkberg-aarthuisclaassen-nfpThe market seems to be testing the water with medium cool greys and lighter purple tones which is interesting. We are no longer limited to material colours. Wood, concrete, and even metal can be whichever colour we want it to be. We look forward to seeing what unfolds.

Be sure to visit Wolkberg Casting Studio to discover more.

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