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Sep 1, 2019

Unfolding Women’s Power With Special Projects

Secret Projects is an international organisation making a difference and producing beautiful products with charities and NGOs based in India. They create opportunities for women to meet, sew together and support each other. The end result is a range of interesting and innovative products with much appeal.

Each product – including homeware and clothing – is made and sold to empower women. Secret Projects also runs a four-stage Training for Empowerment Programme.

The Secret Sari Dress:

A Secret Sari Dress is a clever wrap-around festival dress, made from a sari, which folds into a small and neat pocket. This product was launched in 2017 to enable women who had been rescued from human trafficking situations to earn a living and minimise the risk of being re-trafficked.

The Secret Pillow:

A Secret Pillow is a charming cushion that unfolds into a blanket. It originates from the world of quilting and is also known as a quillow.

The Secret Scarf:

This is a cotton scarf in a variety of collections that folds up into a simple, matching zipper pouch.

View their online shop at www.secretprojects.org.

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