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Warm Your Heart & Home With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Isolation and social distancing is hard work. It is quickly taking its toll on all of us. If you’re feeling the isolation woes like us, then we have something special to warm up your heart and home with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Grab a cup of tea, get comfy, and have a few minutes to yourself with us as we share some Chalk Paint inspo to cheer you up.

Fireplace Envy…

Presenting: the art of doing a lot with just a little. Here, Alys of Bowes Park Life has only used a couple of metres of Lucy Tiffney’s drool-worthy printed wallpaper – but it has maximum impact. Cute side note: Alys’s daughter actually chose the wallpaper because this is her bedroom. The rest of the room has been painted in sympathetic pinks and greens, including the perfectly matching Chalk Paint® in Amsterdam Green on the fireplace. That way, the wallpaper can take centre stage without being diluted by competing visuals. Fireplaces were designed to be the centrepiece of a room in homes in the past, so the layout of your home will naturally draw your eye to the fireplace area when in a room. Make sure yours withstands scrutiny!

Replacing a fireplace is costly and can be extremely messy: Chalk Paint® will cover laminate, brick, stone, wood and virtually any other conceivable fireplace material. Simply choose your favourite colour and go. Make sure the fireplace is off and the surround is cool when painting (I know it’s obvious but we have to say that just in case!). You can even get away without applying Wax and Lacquer except to the mantel area since the body of the fireplace is rarely touched and the heat from the fire will help to seal your paint. That said, here Alys has used Matt Chalk Paint® Lacquer, which really suits the general softness of this space.

Indulgent Maximalism

Would you believe, this home is a rental! Zara Syrett of The Mental Rental has lots of tips about how to make a house your home and as you can see, she’s certainly not compromising on her bold personal taste.

This living room is pure, indulgent Maximalism. The rich contrast between the dark blue on the walls and the Chalk Paint® in Capri Pink on the fireplace; the monochromatic Bauhaus tile stickers; and all those glamorous dressings.

The pampas grass mirror has been handmade too. We really would recommend turning your hand to a DIY or craft project if you’re feeling flat. The process itself is a great distraction from the doom and gloom of the news and you’re more likely than not to have something beautiful to admire and to tell your family and friends about once you’ve finished. Frankly, I’d even take the excitement of a crafting disaster right now. At least it would be something to chuckle about over Zoom calls!

Discover more inspiration online at Annie Sloan.

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