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Oct 29, 2019

Trend Alert: Maximalism in 2019

The on-going maximalism trend embraces the concept of ‘more is more.’ With luxurious colours, bold patterns, classy fabrics, and metallic hues, the maximalism trend of 2019 has ample options for you to take a plunge into the interior decorating world. And, it is at present in fashion, with the changing scenario in the designing industry.

The concept of maximalism does experiment with wild wallpaper prints, layered rugs, lots of textured wall-effects with touches of gold. The maximalist home décor soaks the living spaces with bright hues and patterns.

Maximalism décor trends make one indulge in antique references for various decades. You will get inspired from their room décors. To name a few, the French boudoir themed bedroom, or neoclassical decorating aspects will be enhancing your living area.

Bright colours like shocking pink, shades of coral and bright blues, all make up the maximalist home décor. To let your imagination float, try sprucing up the common sitting areas, or the lounges with wild foliage prints. Brighten up your sitting area with exuberantly colored cushions and puffs. It is time to let all your individualist attribute to come out and speak volumes! Keep on experimenting with the furniture, to alter the space dynamics. Always remember to accept any design with lots of positivity.

Trends are convenient, as they establish the ways and means of self-expression. Dive into the world of maximalism and start exploring the new and luxurious trends of 2019.  Before we proceed further, certain underlying factors are enhancing the maximalism trend. These will help you,  while you are on a home-decorating spree.

  • Indulge with lots of bright colours
  • More of art-pieces, the better your rooms will look.
  • Add those décor which you prefer.
  • Strive hard for personalization, and not the precision of rooms.

Mix various textures and designs

Mix and match different styles and designs together to get a maximalist output. There are no explicit rules. You are the decision-maker. Try creating a luxurious look by filling your rooms with statement furnishings. They all create a beautiful open-ended composition, which you can continue adding on to your future. You are free to mix various textures and designs to give birth to your imaginations!

Play with Bold coloured tiles or wallpapers

Play with bold colored tiles or wallpapers, while keeping aside the white or pastel shaded ones. Maximalism décor believes in unique prints, with a classy touch. Or sometimes, let the informal corner of your living habitat tell a lot about the same.

Retro themed rooms

As stated briefly earlier, in maximalist home décor, the neo-classical or French design step in. Design the master bedroom with a French boudoir theme, straightaway from the neo-classical era. Paint the walls with bright pinks, corals, or blues!

Walls with eclectic effect

Line up your all collected artworks, prints, or posters and plan wisely with spacing. Feel free to experiment with the various colors, spacing, motifs, or else the multiple frames. Let your walls get an eclectic effect.

Experiment with your bright-hued collectibles

While following the maximalism designing concept, feel free to experiment with all your collectibles, which you have collected since ages. Come out clear with all the bright fabrics, cushion cases, and other various house accessories. Choose one corner of the room for layering the same with golden hues and textures. Never forget experimenting in maximalism!

Kitchen with positivity


While maximalism at specific points, never pair well with realism, but when it comes to your cooking area, there are sensible manners of bringing back the designing spirit. Not only bedrooms and living spaces accentuate with the maximalist effect. It can also merge efficaciously in your kitchen. The maximalist designing concepts boost your kitchen decor.

Go Bohemian

If you are an ardent admirer of bohemian fashion, the maximalism home designing trend will never fail you personally. These two styles go hand-in-hand, thus sharing a theme of gorgeous excess. Being an admirer of Bohemian fashion, you will always love to embrace maximalism, while being fine-tuned with the Bohemian-roots.

Bold restrooms

Even the small spaces or corners of your house can get the powerful maximalist effect, owing to  the expressive designs. Your restrooms are no less influenced by the similar effect. All you have to think is rethinking about the wall treatments. Highlight the same with an abstract designed led chandelier. The light will thus illumine the tiles further. From the wild printed wallpapers to glossy hued ceramic tiles, you have to be explorative in choosing and going bold with the same. You have to ensure that the color you want speaks about your personality also.

Live and feel free with maximalism

For years, we have witnessed minimalistic decor trending in the home-designing market. But, in recent times, the concept of maximalism has created an uproar amongst the designers. It has come up with the new era of extravagance, where ‘less is not more.’ With various opinions, this trend showcases a desire for self-expression. People embracing the same are more into expressing their individuality.  The style of maximalism welcomes stage-wise – you can plunge into the concept straight away. There are ways and means of working out the same, to gift your heavenly abode a maximalist look.

Have you ever imagined how relaxing it would be to decorate your heavenly abode without any perfectionist attributes? While you incorporate maximalism, you have to be a bit chaotic in designing. There is no requirement to match your house furniture with unifying colors or patterns. This particular home décor trend will let you be expressive with interconnected designing styles. Maximalist décor is a balance between complexity and chaos. And all these trends are all about enjoying and living at liberty. As a follower of maximalism trend, you do not have to be picture-perfect. Live the way you are! Live free, and feel free!

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Derek Edison Is an Interior Decorator and a passionate writer who loves to write about creating an aesthetic and ambient living environment for everyone.


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