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The Secrets Behind The Star: Le Jules Verne Restaurant

Hosted in the exclusive Jules Verne restaurant, the 2021 Michelin Group judges awarded this year’s Michelin stars to a wealth of both longstanding and emerging talent amongst the fine dining scene.


Crédit photo Stéphan Julliard

Situated on the second floor of the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Jules Verne was included in the awards as it secured its first successive Michelin star.

Frédéric Anton, Triple Michelin-starred chef, counts on a team of talented chefs to deliver an unforgettable dining experience. ‘I attach a lot of importance to the service quality, the intimate setting and the extraordinary experience that we have to offer our clients.’

Frédéric Anton draws inspiration from The Eiffel Tower, this prominent heritage site, in his refined cuisine, with graphic compositions energised by 20th century Paris. Femininity, roundness and harmony, so many associated pleasures to surprise taste buds beyond dreams, beyond the imagination.

Architect Aline Asmar d’Amman led the renovation and designed an impressive interior that brought this gastronomic venue into a new era where culinary and decorative arts embrace within the legendary ‘iron lady’.

Materiality is always integral to d’Amman’s projects, as is the contrast between raw and precious surfaces. Nothing gives her greater pleasure than developing materials that speak their own language and echo her design philosophy. And with its combined use of gray onyx, brushed French oak, mother-of-pearl, and gold-tone textiles, Le Jules Verne is of course no exception. The restaurant’s encrusted stone tabletops, sourced from Venice, could be considered the icing on top.

In the restaurant, d’Amman used furniture pieces inspired by 1930s jewellery designer Suzanne Belperron and bronze candlesticks by sculptor Marie Khouri. “I like to work with female designers and craftspeople,” d’Amman adds. “This is a way for me to give back, as I have always been supported by women in my work.” She also designed a chair for the space as a tribute to powerful women, fittingly named the Iron Lady.

The experience is dizzying. Enjoy Paris from the Eiffel Tower, 410 feet up in the heavens and find yourself in the middle of a dream.



Credit Stéphan Julliard

For more visit Le Jules Vern.

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