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Technogym Run

Leaders in the health and fitness sector, Technogym recently unveiled Technogym Run: the innovation of high-intensity training, designed to get you the best results, faster.

Offering revolutionary intensity and the possibility of doing both cardio and strength training in one go, Technogyn Run allows you to “run to your fastest. Push to your strongest and reach all your goals more quickly and effectively with the only treadmill that allows you to train both cardio and strength within the same session,” according to the company.

Designed to provide the feel of an outdoor run, Technogym Run offers clients an endless catalogue of trainer-led personalised workouts and high-intensity boot camp routines for the most effective HIIT training on a treadmill.

But what are the benefits of HIIT training?

“HIIT treadmill training allows you to achieve your cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning, and weight loss goals with a high-impact workout in a very short time,” explains Technogym.

“Workouts are personalized and scalable to anyone’s fitness level by controlling exercise intensity and tracking performance parameters.

After a low-intensity warm-up (5 to 10 minutes) set up your treadmill workout. Choose a Running Session to burn more calories or a Skill Session to enhance your athletic qualities. You can also opt for a guided Bootcamp routine that automatically adapts to your level to maximise the effectiveness of your workout. Alternatively, you can manually create a custom program or choose all the freedom of free training. For a truly effective workout, remember that staying at maximum intensity during the work phases is essentialComplete the workout with a cool-down phase (5 to 10 minutes) and stretching.”

Ready to take your fitness experience to the next level? Contact Technogym for more information.

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