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Take the indoors, outdoors with a Kiwinet mosquito net

Is your patio and garden missing that touch of indoor luxury? 

And, with spring having sprung – do the mozzies, midges, flying ants, flies and others impact on your peace – either while reading your favourite book or mag on your daybed or while trying to enjoy a delicious meal in these spaces?

Well, we have just what you need to transition from indoor living to serenely peaceful outdoor patio and garden living.

With a diverse range of beautiful mosquito nets that not only serve an indoor function, Kiwinet mosquito nets can just as easily be incorporated into your patio or stoep-loving lifestyle.

Sleep under a starlit sky

And what about those Star-Beds? Are they worth all the latest hype we’ve been reading about? Yes, you too could create one right in your very own garden and enjoy the wonder of sleeping under our very own starlit African sky.

Suspended from a timber frame, the nets are versatile and adaptable enough to suit any lifestyle space. Perfect for a quick and easy transition between indoor and outdoor use. Think cosy garden nook with a picnic blanket and a book under a favourite tree to while away the hours between dusk and sunset. Or a sumptuous stoep setting dining table lunch spread catered for 10 of your choice guests – beautifully draped with a Kiwinet mosquito net to protect them from the pesky summer zzzzzzzz’s, adding a little shade and ‘Out of Africa’ romance to the dining affair.  Of-course Star-Beds speak for themselves. Just as the saying goes … “I don’t want someone who promises me the moon and the stars. I want someone who promises to lay on the grass and watch them with me.” Pure romance!

Expand your indoors outside

There’s nothing nicer than expanding indoor living to the beautiful outdoors for the upcoming balmy weather season. Kiwinet mosquito nets thus offer the perfect solution to simple outdoor luxury living for both you and your guests to enjoy all summer long.

Expand your outdoor space with Kiwinet this summer.

If you can dream it, Kiwinet can make it.

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