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Switch on Your Training With Technogym

Build your six-pack. Sculpt your glutes. Get leaner and stronger. Let Technogym’s training programmes inspire you and reach your objectives faster than ever with the Technogym Bench.

The sleek and versatile Technogym Bench with dedicated storage holds all the tools you need for a complete workout. Now you can get an all-inclusive functional training kit that empowers you to perform myriads of total body workouts. Furthermore, it combines elastic bands, hexagon dumbbells, weighted knuckles and a training mat in a compact footprint.

The biggest plus to working out at home is convenience.

Roll out of bed and start training, or even fit in a few exercises while the dinner is cooking. It also does away with the queues and crowds at your local gym. If strength work is a favourite part of your workout, then a Multifunctional Bench is an invaluable tool.

When looking for the best bench for your home gym, check out whether it fits your space, supports your weight, and accommodates the moves you want. While workout benches come in all sizes, and price ranges not many combine compact size, stability, good looks, and versatility as much as the Technogym Multifunction Fitness Bench does.

This Multifunction Workout Bench provides a stable surface while a full range of tools is stored neatly beneath. Furthermore, the bench provides all the space and equipment needed for 200 muscle and strength-building exercises such as chest presses, glute bridges, ab moves, and biceps curls. You can even use the compact and sturdy Multifunction Fitness Bench to add some cardio work to your routine with box jumps, bench jump overs, dips, and crunches. If you’re not sure where to start or want to expand your existing exercise routine, then check out Technogym’s extensive library of video workouts. These 20 to 30-minute routines cover strength, resistance, and core training.

Technogym App

Unravel the full potential of training with Technogym Bench thanks to the countless workouts available on Technogym App. Let the Technogym Coach guide you and get superior results, faster.

What you can expect:

Core power-ups. The weighted knuckles escalate your core improvement with engaging exercises.

Flexible and strong. Elastic bands in 3 different resistance levels subsequently add training variety and increase your strength.

Increased muscle tone. Perform endless weight training exercises with the hexagon dumbbells for full-body blasts.

Easy movement. Thanks to integrated wheels, Technogym Bench can be moved around and stored away according to your space needs.

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